1,451,645 NULS Permanently Frozen

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As was previously reported, on December 22,2019, NULS mainnet was compromised and 2 million NULS tokens were stolen from the NULS team account. After a thorough investigation of the compromise, a vulnerability was discovered in the NULS transaction signature verification logic. The team then released a new version of the mainnet wallet and decided to perform a hard fork at the block height of 878,000. The upgrade is now complete.

Of the 2 million NULS transferred by the hacker(s) from NULS team account, 548,354.34696095 NULS have entered the trading market, and we have communicated with the relevant exchanges to attempt freezing those assets. After the hard fork, the 1,451,645.65303905 NULS that did not enter the trading market has been destroyed by permanently freezing them to avoid any further potential loss.

Among the 1,451,645.65303905 NULS that were destroyed through permanent freezing, there are 169,179.445057 NULS held on a well-known exchange (NULSd6HgaXkFL7uYEhvC8zqjkYDNY5GQwrHos) and 45,840.4163512 NULS on another well-known exchange(NULSd6HgWAwX7MbvcFSLYqMoyn88d5x3AcUww).

Recently, the community initiated a proposal to unlock these addresses on the exchanges in accordance with the previously announced procedure. After careful review and consideration, the NULS team and the NULS Community Council have decided that the NULS in the above referenced addresses will remain permanently frozen and the NULS would be paid separately by the NULS team.

Below are the transaction records:

Transaction number 1:55ea609a49101f55a70110f2bd9e7c7179715855165c6c160f9c7b48f1a52a60
Transaction number 2:15acf95697d6817bd563a43d1864f437d542e77cd4efa72649ad1148e3d9119c

Asset security is our highest priority and the NULS team is fully committed to conducting more rigorous and comprehensive code reviews to prevent the possibility of future security compromises.

Thank you to the NULS community, node operators, trading platforms and industry media for their attention and cooperation throughout this incident and investigation process.

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