91,072 NULS Earned Due Chain Factory will be Burned

Chain Factory is one of the flagship NULS products that allows third parties to create their own customized blockchains with very little configuration effort.

Through NULS Chain Factory, chain builders do not need to delve into the complex underlying blockchain technology; Chain Factory has effectively reduced the threshold of blockchain technology to a minimum.

In February 2020, In order to promote the popularity of blockchain technology worldwide and take the lead in blockchain application creation, NULS Chain Factory launched a "free chain building" plan, which has won attention and recognition of many industry partners.

According to the statistics:

At present, there are more than 40 companies which applied to build a blockchain for free on NULS Chain Factory;

At present, the total amount of reward generated by Chain Factory (including the NULS technical community’s reward from providing technical services for Chain Factory) is 91,072 NULS. NTC has decided to burn the above rewards to help the prosperity and sustainable development of the entire NULS ecosystem.

Completing development work is only the first step for a successful blockchain. In order to fully support the growth of blockchain projects, NULS Chain Factory will gradually dock more products and services from high-quality third parties, build a complete blockchain solution platform for companies and chain builders, and will work with partners within the ecosystem to provide comprehensive support for chain builders, thus truly promoting the commercial application of blockchain technology with practical actions to achieve the goal of "make blockchain easier"!

NULS Technical Community
April 14, 2020



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