This article summarizes some features that make NULS unique and why NULS is one of the best blockchains poised to maximize the potential of the new DeFi trend. The NULS token is perhaps the only asset with a deflationary model with inflationary multi-rewards.

What is multi-signature?

Multi-signature, also known as Multi-sig, which is a digital signature that allows multiple users to sign one transaction. To address in a simpler way, an account that is owned, managed, signed by more than one party.

In most cases, there is only one private key that manages a single account…

Announcement of updating NULS nodes to v2.10.0

To NULS community

We have released a new NULS mainnet wallet upgrade version (v2.10.0) at 10:30 (UTC + 8) on December 13 2021. The new protocol will take effect at a height of 10,000 blocks after the nodes upgrade reaches 80%.

NULS v2.10.0 updates

This upgrade is mandatory. As this upgrade involves protocol updates, all mainnet node owners are requested to complete the upgrade as soon as possible to avoid receiving unnecessary yellow or red cards.

Wallet address:

Windows updating tutorial:

Linux updating tutorial:


13 December,2021

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NULS — Making It Easier To Innovate

Dear NULS Community Members:

NULS POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) platform was established in July 2019, the number of our SCO partners has increased 10 times within 2 years. Some of the SCO projects such as ALEPH, GGTK, SmaugsNFT have accomplished amazing progress with the community support provided by NULS in their early phase…


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