A New Chapter for NULS, the 2.0 White Paper has Been Published

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Picture Source: NULS community member @Nalex

As a global open-source, public blockchain project, NULS was formally established on September 27, 2017. The vision of NULS is to make the blockchain simpler and to run the entire project in open source code under open community governance.

From the very beginning, the core team defined the basic architecture of NULS as modular, in order to make it easier for more developers and users to use and write modules. With NULS 1.0, we completed the modularization of the coding layer, but there was a problem of high coupling between modules. For this reason, we developed NULS 2.0. which allows for decoupling of modules and further extends the language capabilities of NULS, making it truly language-agnostic.

We believe that community development is crucial for a blockchain project to continuously promote innovative thinking. This is a major feature of blockchain projects and makes them distinctly unique from other commercial projects. Constant iteration and innovation are the inevitable byproducts of developing upon an open-source project, and in this lies the irresistible charm that blockchain offers to the world of developers.

Based on this, the core team revolutionized the introduction of microservices idealization in the underlying infrastructure design of NULS 2.0, designing software applications as service packages that can be deployed independently, and introducing the most advanced ideas in this architecture design into module design.

NULS 2.0 allows the module to be as flexible as a program that can be started independently, and modules can be built in any language. The coupling between modules in this architecture is very minimal. The multi-language development makes the contribution of the code and the convenience of users greatly improved, and it is easier to expand. Modules even support distributed deployment, and every module can be plugged and unplugged. At the same time, Chain Factory and cross-chain modules are also easily executed upon the core of NULS 2.0.

The NULS White Paper v2.0 has been published here showing a new overview of the NULS project, and opening a new chapter and a new inroads of innovation for the blockchain industry. We welcome you to join us.

NULS Core Team: #Nulsdeep and no sleep till adoption.

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