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The following is a transcript from — World’s 1st exchange designed for cryptocurrency trading bots:

Host, David: Hello NULS Community! My name is David, I am one of the leaders from the newly created NULS West community team and I am based in San Francisco.

Tonight, I’m really pleased to introduce you one of our newest exchange partners, Pionex.

On December 1st NULS was listed on Pionex, which is one of the world’s first exchanges offering automated trading to its users. Pionex’s unique offerings have certainly piqued my curiosity as I’m sure it has yours. So this evening, I am very pleased to introduce Mario Liu, Global Operation Director of Pionex who will introduce us to Pionex, discuss potential trading strategies and take your questions.

Hi Mario and welcome to NULS Telegram community.

Mario: Hi David and everyone in the NULS Community, I am Mario Liu, the Global Operation Director of Pionex.

Today, it is my honor to conduct this AMA with NULS. We are very excited that NULS is now listed on Pionex exchange, because we believe NULS is the great open-source blockchain platform that offers enterprise-grade, fast-track business solutions for developers and users. So we felt NULS was an ideal fit to be listed on Pionex exchange for some time, and now it is!

Pionex is registered in Singapore and is the world’s 1st exchange with 5 trading bots and also provides the best liquidity for users. I will share more information about Pionex later.

David: Ok Thanks, Mario. Before we open up the meeting to questions, I would like to ask a few.

David:Question 1 — Could you please share more detailed information about Pionex and what makes it unique?

Mario: Of Course, My Pleasure. This is the screenshot of Pionex web version

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Pionex, registered in Singapore, is the aggregation exchange, which has aggregated the real liquidity from Binance and Huobi Global. So users can trade on Pionex with almost the same liquidity as Binance or Huobi Global.

Besides, Pionex is also designed for cryptocurrency trading bots, so we have provided 5 different trading bot strategies, which can meet different users’ needs and different market situations.

Another important feature is that the trading fee is only 0.05% for every user on Pionex exchange.

So the advantages of using Pionex include:

1. Five Trading Bots — Grid Trading, Infinity Grids, DCA, TWAP, Trailing Take Profit.

2. Low Trading fee — Pionex trading fee is now 0.05%.

3. Good Liquidity — Pionex aggregates the liquidity from other exchanges, such as Binance and Huobi Global.

David: Question 2 — What attracted Pionex to list NULS?

Mario: Because Pionex is in a growth mode, so we want to invited some good projects to be listed on Pionex. NULS platform sets a new industry standard in streamlining blockchain adoption and NULS also has a lot of followers and believers.

Besides, we are also a very professional team and want to provide the best solutions and services to our users. So the projects that we want to cooperate with should also have a good team and hold the same values. So we choose NULS to join our exchange.

We also think NULS will gain more followers and believers in the future.

David: Question 3 — Could you please share you thoughts about trading strategies on Pionex?

Mario: Sure, Pionex provides 5 different trading bot strategies; Grid Trading, Infinity Grids, DCA, TWAP, Trailing Take Profit.

Grid trading bot on Pionex is the most popular with users. So I will share some information about how the grid trading bot works.

As we all know, the crypto market always goes up & down with much volatility. So the price usually won’t go up or down straightly.

Besides holding your NULS, Grid Bot is the best way to trade your NULS to get profits during volatility.

How dose Grid Bot work?

Grid Bot can help traders buy low and sell high 24/7 automatically.

As the following picture shows:

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Grid trading AI strategy will set a price range based on 7D Back testing annualized return, and will “buy low, sell high” in this range.

Next, it’ll equally distribute your funds within the trading range. As long as the market fluctuates within your range, it’ll help you make money automatically from every trade! So it is a good way to make money while you are sleeping.

And if you wanna know more and you can watch the video.

David: Question 4 — How do you set-up a NULS grid trading bot?

Mario: Creating NULS grid trading on Pionex is very easy.

Everything is easy to setup.

Step 1- Dsownload Pionex and Sign up

Step 2- Deposit BTC, USDT or ETH.

Step 3- Create Grid Bot with NULS/BTC , NULS/USDT or NULS/ETH on Pionex.

If you wanna create NULS grid trading bot, you can check this tutorial.

David: Question 5 — I think the community may wonder if it safe to trade on Pionex exchange?

Mario: That’s a good question, because everyone cares about it.

Of course, your funds on Pionex are very safe.

Pionex is registered in Singapore and collaborated with BitUniverse team. BitUniverse has raised more than 10M USD funds. The security for your fund on Pionex is guaranteed by BitUniverse team.

David: Question 6 — Would you explain the $10,000 No-Loss Insurance is that you are offering NULS users?

Mario: Yes, we will provide the 10,000$ No-Loss Insurance activity for NULS users. Because some user don’t know how to create NULS grid trading bot, and they worry about the loss.

In order to encourage more users to embrace trading bots to control the risk and increase profitability, the BitUniverse team now provides 10,000 USDT insurance fund for all NULS users to try grid trading bot on Pionex, which is only available for Pionex new users who have never created any grid trading bot on Pionex before.

So the users will take some of the profits, and if in a loss position, we will cover your loss with the 10,000$ insurance fund.

Finally you can create the NULS grid trading bot without risking your money.

Event time: 2019/12/28 02:00am — 2020/01/03 02:00am (UTC)

Notes: This $10,000$ No-Loss Insurance activity is only available on Pionex app.

David: Sounds really interesting Mario, thanks for your time today. I open it up to questions from the community now.

Question: Are there any limitations on regions for users?

Mario:there is no such limitations on regions.

Question: How long has the Pionex exchange been operational?

Mario: Pionex has been operated for 6 months.

Question: What are your KYC requirements and limitations (if applicable)?

Mario: If you don’t do the KYC, you can withdraw 2BTC or equivalent coins everyday.

More information about Pionex —


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