AMA — SCO Lab Interviews is a Decentralized Web Application Network

The next big milestones are:

  • Building management system to track and save building analytics, and send encrypted/signed orders to the building. This is Phase 1 of Proof of Concept online, and data can be seen on the explorer here. Phase 2 is in development.
  • Luxury brand in-store engagement with products. For example, you take a lipstick in a store, it uses AR to show how it would look on you, and sends engagement data on the network. The network is also used to remotely send new content to appliances.
  • NULS oracle on for NRC-20 balances and nodes to produce analytics. An app will be provided for NULS node owners to send their analytics to give insights to their stakers. It could also be used to provide monitoring to node owners. This is in development, and an early version can be seen here and is live.
  • A few others that can’t be revealed yet…

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