AMA Transcript: Reaper Ran and SCO Lab Interviews Upcoming SCO: OWD

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On August 29, OUR WORLD conducted an online AMA with SCO Lab and the NULS community. The interview covered many topics including marketing, game development, SCO planning and other aspects of the project. The activity was hosted by NULS Co-founder Reaper Ran, and presented by OWD’s head of international marketing, Jeremy. The following is a transcript of the interview.

Reaper: I really appreciate you taking the time to being here tonight. It is a pleasure to have the chance to talk with OWD. Time is limited, so let’s begin. First, let’s welcome the project to give us a brief introduction and tell us what OWD is really about.

Jeremy: OWD has a profound meaning. First, it is the abbreviation of Our World, and it is also short for our TOKEN name as well. It consists of five games and is named after the last one.

OWD Token can circulate freely in this gaming ecosystem.

Our World aims to build a virtual, free gaming world, where players can enjoy mutual interaction and PK. We also aim to connect with the offline businesses both virtually and physically so that users can make profits whilst enjoying the game that they are playing.

Q1: Could you tell us more about the five games you mentioned before?

Jeremy: (1) All-Star Horse Racing (2) Crown of Glory (3) Myth War (4) Exotic Songs (5) Our World

The first game, as its name implies, allows you to enjoy the fun of raising and racing horses.

The second game Crown of Glory is a strategy game. The game will be in fantasy style and divide kingdoms into different styles. You will lead one kingdom to fight for the crown of glory and eventually unify all kingdoms together.

The third game Myth War is a card game, where each mythical character combats with one another in various scenes and settings. It has abundant tactical elements and combat skills, as well as an interesting role growth system and is one of the most enjoyable games to play..

The Exotic Song is an action game. It takes the original world as the background and has a huge world outlook and plot. The game is about numerous decryption and explorations and has a beautiful, smooth sense of action. Players fight for ingenious BOSS battle.

As for the fifth game, it runs through the virtual world to the real world as mentioned in question one. If you have played Pokemon GO before, you will understand the game, but we will have a more interesting game system and a more sophisticated gameplay.

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Q2: Apart from these games, can OWD Token be used in other games? How do you ensure the deposit money is always “stable” and not affected by the token’s price?

Jeremy: OWD can only be used in the game ecosystem of Our World, which links these five games. OWD will be listed on the exchange so that it can circulate outside the game.

In order to ensure the stability of game users’ deposits, we issue a stable coin PTF in the OWD system, which is equivalent to 1 CNY. Users don’t need to concern themselves about OWD when playing games. When they want to cash out, they can exchange it into OWD by simple withdrawal.

Q3: I understand that OWD plans to issue some OWD Tokens through SCO. What is the expected supply and what will the price be? How can users participate in SCO by staking NULS?

Jeremy: This problem must be one of the biggest questions to the community. Let me explain it here.

The issue price of OWD is 0.0322 USDT, with a total supply of 600 million.

The OWDs we issue on NULS will be equivalent to not more than 990,000 USDT and the corresponding ERC20 OWD will be burned. Then we will participate in the NULS SCO, and join the nodes of NULS ecosystem to have in-depth cooperation with NULS. Users staking tokens into OWD nodes can obtain OWD as staking rewards. We will announce this to the community, including the name of our node, before issuing the SCO. We hope to get enough support from the community. For more details, please pay attention to the upcoming official announcement.

Q4: OWD is a gaming project and the overriding thing for a game is the user’s involvement, so I’d like to know more about the gameplay of OWD, and how the game tokens are generated and combined with OWD?

Jeremy: OWD is a game that features online and offline combinations. With GOOGLE map as the framework, it combines a real world map to generate various elements, forming a real environment where users can explore, mine and combat.

Users obtain OWD tokens through mining and social interaction in the OWD world. They can enjoy stable rewards by mining or occupying pools, and obtain large amounts of OWD through mission completion and combat in battles.

Imagine that you mined 100 OWDs in the game to use for purchase of a machine from other manufacturers to speed up the mining process. The manufacturer of the machine needs to purchase the originals parts from others sources. The original parts are produced by manufactures. The material needed for manufacturing is the extra output of the user in the mining process, thus forming a closed loop for everyone to be involved in making profits.

In addition, there are many others ways to obtain tokens in the OWD game, such as competing with players, betting on competitions, opening private competitions and mining. Each way different in its mining efficiencies, so you can choose your ways to earn tokens.

For the first game — All-Star Horse Racing, let’s say you acquired a strong racing horse by incubating, purchasing the horse on exchange, or raising and cultivating the horse yourself — and you participate in official or private competitions, the winnings you get through horse racing can be exchanged into OWD on our trading platform. So you can accumulate the wealth of OWD ahead of others.

Q5: Next question, how can game tokens be exchanged for trade-able tokens?

Jeremy: When you get enough tokens through participation in the games, you can use the withdrawal function to transfer your tokens to your wallet. The transfer ratio will be different according to the different tokens you use. You might wonder why? It is because there are multiple types of chains we cooperated in, and the final trading tokens you get can be different.

Q6: Several games in OWD support mining. Is it true that all OWD games support mining?

Jeremy: Among these games, All Star Horse Racing, Our World, Crown of Glory and Myth War all have mining functions, while Exotic Songs is a blockchain crow-funding product, where users can receive profits from sharing their copyrights.

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Q7: OWD has mentioned the Middle East many times in its white paper. Could you tell us why OWD values this market?

Jeremy: In 2018, the number of players in online gaming in MEA ( the Middle East and Africa) reached 600 million, with a market size of 4.5 billion in US dollars. Nearly 60% of the internet users in this area are playing via hosts, PC, and mobile games, and this region also has the highest growth rate in the world. Since the Middle East market is expected to expand further this year and beyond, we believe this is a very promising market.

Q8: Last, Our World contains a lot of technology integration and links with the real world. I am particularly curious about the alliance with businesses. How do you provide this? Do you need a lot of ground-based promotion?

Jeremy: As for the alliance with other businesses, we have already formed cooperating partners. They are extremely powerful in resources especially in promotion of the brand within a flawless operating system, so there’s no need to worry about this.

Q9: The roadmap shows a cycle of about three years. Isn’t that a long time for the current situation since it is constantly changing? What do you think about this?

Jeremy: That’s easy to understand. Our game itself has a lot of traditional users and our traditional channels can support games very well. Now the blockchain is our catalyst and booster to make the game grow faster.

Reaper: Thank you for sharing as the leader of OWD international market & community. Through this AMA, we can know more about what OWD will do and more about OWD games. We also expect OWD to carry out their SCO on NULS fairly soon.

Community Questions

Reaper: Next is open question time. You can ask any questions you want to know about OWD. We will choose five of them to answer and give away 100 OWD rewards. Now you can start asking your questions.

Q1: Do you have any plans for listing OWD on exchanges? Is it possible to list on exchanges in SCO Lab? What about other mainstream exchanges?

Jeremy: For exchanges, we expect to offer airdrops and gift packages to our fans probably close to Christmas. The SCO Lab exchange is our priority, but it also depends on the situation at that time.

Other mainstream exchanges, as you know, can be high cost. In fact, the top exchanges are sometimes detrimental to new investors. It also goes against the original intention of the SCO, because for my perspective, the true meaning of SCO is to ensure that a project and investors can grow together, which must be a long-term process. While there are many speculators in big exchanges, it is likely to hurt the new investors of SCO.

So we want to find a balance among many roles, such as new investors, retail investors, speculators, game players, etc. We will try our best to satisfy everyone.

Q2: For your plan to carry out SCO with OWD equivalent to 990,000 USDT, what is the proportion of this part of OWD in total circulation according to the issue price? How can other public chain users participate in OWD games?

Jeremy: First I’d like to correct one thing. It is planned to use not more than 990,000 equivalent USDT for SCO.

The issue price is 0.0322 USDT, with a total supply of 600 million, so you can do the math. Since the price of USDT is also changing, I’m not going to calculate here.

The existing game is All-Star Horse Racing, not OWD. We have docked both IOST and Ontology. We will also be launched on the NULS main chain soon, and we have started to test the interface.

Q3: How is the development of the OWD game and when can it be available? And could you introduce the official website, and how to download and learn about the OWD game?

Jeremy: The OWD game is currently in the technical discussion stage and cannot be used yet. The official website will soon be launched. Recently, we were involved in communication with relevant departments about the filing problem. For the information about the OWD game, you can refer to our white paper. I think you can find anything you want to know there.

There are five games in the OWD system. OUR WOLRD is what you call the ultimate OWD game. It’s a new and highly anticipated game.

Q4: The competitiveness of the game lies in the users. How can games in the OWD ecosystem stand out among so many games in the market today and what are their competitive advantages? Who are the target users of OWD? How many players are using it today? How will it get more players in the future?

Jeremy: Our advantage is quite obvious. We use a lot of emerging technologies. Besides the wide usage of AI in games, we also integrate AR functions on mobile devices. We even support VR and MR auxiliary functions. This not only enhances the user experience and immersion of games but also makes the gaming experience more experimental.

Our world will also integrate reality, and we will release some demos in advance for everyone to enjoy. To be frank, I’m not a gamer, but I was shocked when I saw some demos in the discussion of the technical team. I marvel at the power that technology brings to the gaming world!

OWD has multiple types of users, it can be blockchain users, game users, social users, etc. In this diverse world, everyone can find their role. In the current OWD system, the launched All-Star Horse Racing has nearly 2000 users, I think it is a pretty good start. To get more users, it needs to be promoted by the community, at home and abroad, as well as among the natural consensus attribute of the blockchain.

More users will appeal to our game because of our excellent quality and interesting settings. Of course, the co-construction of the user ecosystem is also a part of it. Believe me, many of you will become our users in the future.

Q5: How is the game playability and user experience of OWD games? With the existence of PTF, is the OWD redundant?

Jeremy: Based on mobile devices and peripherals, OWD offers users with the unique experience of drifting between reality and fantasy. With the help of VR and AR, we can break the wall between reality and virtual.

OWD is easy to use. Users can mine and get awards while playing leisure sports. More details will be released to you later. I believe it will give you more surprises.

PTF is equivalent to the gold coin in the game, of which the inflation is unlimited, while OWD has a hard cap supply.

This is the balance between the game and blockchain investment I said before. It can not only satisfy the needs of game users to play, but also meet the demands of blockchain users for OWD appreciation.

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