AMA —USDI and NULS Community

—Stablecoin that Earns a Savings Rate just for Holding

The following is a transcript from NULS community’s interview with USDI

Host,Reaper: Hello NULS Community! This is Reaper, I am a Co-founder and Community Council Member of NULS and I am based in Chongqing China.

Tonight, I am very pleased to introduce Mr. Li YiZhou, BLOEX TDM fund’s Senior Manager .

Let’s welcome Mr. Li and he will explain more about the USDI.

Reaper:Question 1 — Hi Mr Li, would you give us an overview of USDI?

Mr Li: USDI uses a decentralized financial application smart contract that is pegged to USDT. The USDT cross-chain pledge generates USDI which is anchored 1:1 to USDT. A Saving Rate (SR) is generated by lending the credit institution and distributing the Savings Rate back to USDI holders.

This graphic illustrates the process:

Reaper:Question 2 — What is the significance of USDI for the NULS ? (our community would like to know)

Mr Li: USDI is issued from the NULS mainnet. All rules are constructed through a cross-chain mechanism and blockchain smart contract, which is open and transparent. The data cannot be tampered with and it solves the trust problem associated with many financial products.

As a public chain infrastructure, it is basic and important for NULS to have a stable asset. With USDI developed, NULS can reflect its real value.

In the future, DApps, commercial applications, DEX , etc. that are running on NULS will be inseparable from the stable asset.

For NULS, after the DEX is live, USDI will become the main channel for capital entry, which is important strategically.

Reaper:Question 3 — What is the difference between USDI and other stablecoins, and what are the core advantages?

Mr Li: Other stablecoins function as a trading medium. USDI not only has the functions of other stablecoins, but token holders can earn daily income. As a result, this is a very attractive product for traders in the cryptocurrency market.

When you have USDT idle on the exchange, you can exchange it for USDI, and can earn the Saving Rate (SR). At present, USDI has been listed on an exchange, and the USDI/USDT trading pair is open.

USDI is stable, secure, and completely transparent. Below, you can find the overview of USDI in this graphic:

ReaperQuestion 4 —A question that every user will be interested in learning is how does USDI guarantee its own stability and stability of income?

Mr Li: Each USDI is generated through a smart contract, and a corresponding USDT has to be be transferred to generate USDI.

During the pledged lending process, 120% of NULS assets need to be pledged. This guarantees the stability of USDI.

For USDI’s lending, it is only lent to the credit-granting institution, TDM. TDM will guarantee basic income and payment. In addition, these proceeds and staking proceeds generated by NULS will be automatically distributed to USDI holders every day to ensure the stability of income.

Reaper:Question 5 — How do we obtain USDI?

Mr Li: You can get USDI on the official website of USDI or the application on the wallet app. It can also be purchased directly on the exchange where USDI is listed.

Reaper:Thank you very much for answering all of these questions. I will now open up questions to the community.

Question: So, at some point, the fund will not be enough to assure the 10.4% interest?

Mr Li: The lender who borrows must guarantee interest, because this is a pledge with a deposit. If TDM cannot offer higher returns, it is TDM’s responsibility and they must pay a fixed interest rate, similar to a bank loan. The only risk would be if USDT has a problem. In that case, we will transfer funds to PAX or USDC.

Question: What is the plan for listing USDI on exchanges?

Mr Li: It is currently listed on In the future, it will be listed on more exchanges. This is a very good product so exchanges are very interested in listing it.

Question:Who are the other potential digital asset partners that might be involved in the future?

Mr Li: Wallets, exchanges and staking platforms.

Question: How are the percentage of payments in NULS calculated? Are the payments fixed as in staking or does it depend on the price of NULS ?

Mr Li:The pledge amount is related to the price, but there will always be a sufficient amount of asset pledged. Even if the price fluctuates, the pledged asset would be adjusted accordingly.

Question: How frequently is the interest paid with USDI?

Mr Li: Everyday you can get the interest, but if less than 10 USDI in your account, there is no interest . and the interest will arrive your address at 8:30 of next day.



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