Announcement: Changes to NULS Core Team Management

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Last month the team delivered the NULS 2.0 live mainnet which carries with it great expectations from NULS community members and token holders. The strenuous efforts made by the NULS core team and technical community have continued while NULS 2.0 is further optimized and SCOs begin to roll out their nodes on the platform. Collectively, this technical and ecosystem progress demonstrates our project’s strength and wisdom.

NULS is open-sourced and dedicated to community development with a goal to gradually transition itself into a community driven autonomy project. Therefore, the core team has decided that the CEO job position is no longer required. Miss Liesa Huang will no longer serve as a CEO but will still actively assist the NULS community alongside the core team. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for Liesa’s efforts, most especially for her dedication and hard work, and for making NULS a stronger and better project.

Adhering to NULS development concepts of transparency and cooperation, the NULS founders Reaper, Lin, Lily and Technical Director, Niels will co-manage the core team to preserve continuity and cooperation while a collective decision-making framework is developed and implemented for team members. The details are as follows:

1. Implement and develop a collective decision-making framework within core team

2. Abolish the CEO position in the core team

3. Establish the framework in a team setting to assume the decision-making responsibilities.

NULS team will maintain its dedication to the original mission of NULS and will continue to advance and expand the development of NULS as a multi-chain parallel and value interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

NULS Founders and Core Team

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