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ANNOUNCEMENT: NULS Beta II Testnet Upgrade

Dear NULS community

As part of ongoing improvements to the stability and user experience of the NULS Wallet, we launched an upgraded version of NULS Testnet (V0.9.9) on June 11th, 11am Singapore time.

Please go to the NULS official website to download the new version of the wallet. Important: Before upgrading, be sure to back-up the old version of your account’s private key and then import it into the new upgraded wallet.

All your data will be reset to the time of the upgrade and when a snapshot was taken.

The block data from the previous version will also be recorded. The “most stable node” activity will continue! The node creator will need to re-establish the node as well as node consensus. In addition, we will introduce local automatic updates as soon as possible.

Thank you to all our community for continuing to participate in the next stage of testing. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

What Has Changed

NULS core version [0.9.9] upgrade log:

1. The logged off node failure problem has been fixed.

2. The user’s password prompt will no longer be incorrect.

3. The “black hole” address: 2CXQkBgR32xH9ULEkzcN8zpS6sQNULS now only accepts a NULS address. This is used to burn NULS.

4. The calculation of transaction fee is changed as follows:
a. Transaction fee = price * byte;
b. The minimum price for transfer is 0.001 NULS and the highest price is 0.01 NULS;
c. Price of other transactions except transfer: 0.01 NULS. Other transactions include: create node, delegate node, exit node and set alias.

5. Your alias can now only use lowercase letters, numbers and underscores (underscore cannot be at both ends)

6. The creator node no longer sets the node name. Each node will display a random node id (the last 8 characters of the node hash).

7. After the alias is created for the account that created the node, the node display interface displays the alias and can be searched for.

8. The available balance will now be updated in real time after the frozen amount is unlocked.

9. New RPC interfaces have been added.

10. The block query interface has been modified so that the transaction display information in the transaction list is consistent with the information obtained from the transaction query interface.

11. The node list sorting method has been changed. The default is now a comprehensive sort (the higher the credit value of the trustable node, the higher it is up the list)

12. The contents of the node search have been changed to: address, alias and node id.

13. The Electron has been removed from the front-end technical architecture and can now be accessed directly from the browser.

14. The client package and client operation has been modified.

15. The English on certain parts of the interface has been improved.

16. The Linux version has been optimized, and command line tools have been provided.

Extra Information

1. Please read the NULS test wallet operation manual and the “readme.txt” file in the client carefully.

2. Every 10 days or so, the testnet wallet will be upgraded with bug fixes/improvements. You will need to continue to download the latest version of the wallet until the development team is in a position to implement automatic updates. As always, we will announce updates on the NULS official Twitter, Weibo and Wechat channels.

3. NULS mainnet will launch when beta testing is successfully completed.

Happy Testing!

Your NULS Team

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