Announcement: NULS public test-net (second round) is opening on June 1st .

Dear NULS Community:

Thank you for your support and continuous participation in our test-net! The first stage of testing was a great success, and now we are ready to fire ahead with the next development phase. We have responded to your feedback and have worked tirelessly to accommodate your suggestions into the NULS project.

In response to your suggestion for a more seamless user experience, NULS are launching a new wallet client (version number: 0.9.8), on June 1, 2018 11:00 (Singapore time). This signals the start of public test-net round two!

We appreciate your continued to support and hope you will participate in the next round of testing, specifically in node creation. We would also love to hear any feedback you have from a user experience perspective. To add a little spice, we are running a competition and have some prizes on offer.

A Few Things We Want To Mention:

1) All information from the first round of test-net will be invalidated

As we begin round two of test-net, all information and data from the previous test-net will be deleted and invalidated. This includes private key backup, test currency amount, created node, etc. In short, a fresh start for everyone.

To participate, please (1) download the latest version of the wallet client from the NULS website beta page ( and (2) collect your test currency/tokens.

2) Test currency collection

(a) The first 500 users, (defined as a single IP address or a single wallet address) will receive 50,000 test tokens.

(b) Subsequent users (user no. 501 onward) will receive 5,000 test tokens. There is no cap on the max number of test currency distributed, which means everyone can participate.

3) The updated version will introduce new features:

(a) Wallet accounts have independent passwords.

(b) Passwords are no longer required for account creation, import and export.

(c) Storage module improvements include:

· Module storage separation. Changing from a centralised storage design to a multi-module centralized storage design.

· Separating the local ledger (account ledger) and the global ledger (ledger). This will simplify the ledger module and improve stability.

· RPC module improvement. The previous RPC module design is discontinued, each module now has its own independent RPC Service module.

· Red card logic adjustment. Red card penalty for 100 consecutive yellow card nodes, to avoid “zombie” nodes affecting network blocks;

(d) Continuous improvement and optimization of the underlying code.

4) Test-net round 2 Prizes

(a) Who Will Be First To Cross The Finish Line? First To Node Wins!

Join us for round two of test-net. The first user to successfully establish a node and publish a new block will win a prize.

Prize: 10 NULS

Winner Announced: June 4, we will announce details on our official Twitter channel, of the first block published on the test-net. Whoever created the node and new block should then contact us on to redeem their tokens.

(b) Steady Hands Win! — Prize For The Most Stable Node

The top 3 addresses with the most number of published blocks will also win a prize. Judging between June 1 to June 14, inclusive.

Prize: 20 NULS per person

Winner Announced: On June 15, we will announce the top 3 nodes on our official Twitter channel. The winners should contact us on to redeem their tokens.

(c) The International Children day (June 1) gift award:

On June 15, we will also announce a lucky dip prize for participants (no.s 0061, 0601, 0666, 6666) who redeemed their test tokens and participated in the test net. We will publish the winning wallet addresses on our official Twitter channel.

Prize (special gift): 5 NULS or NULS merchandise T-shirts per person

Winner: The winners will should send an email to by June 18th.

The redemption deadlines for all activities is June 20(Just for statistics), please contact us by then or the rewards will be forfeited.

5. Important public testing notice

(a) Please feel free to read and review the (1) NULS test-net wallet operation manual and (2) client “Readme.txt” file, and contact us with any feedback or questions. We take all comments seriously.

(b) During the course of the public testing period, the NULS technical team may release a version upgrade every 10 or so days (depending on the severity and needs of the situation).
We will release any details of the updates as it happens, on our official Twitter and Wechat NULS channels. We urge all participants to download the updated wallets when this happens to continue test-net participation.

(c) The NULS main-net date will be determined by the progress of test-net.

(d) All test-net rewards will be distributed when the main-net is online.

We’re excited. Let’s get started!

The Nuls Team

May 31, 2018

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