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ANNOUNCEMENT: NULS Test-Net Upgrade: Version VO.9.10

Dear NULS community

As part of final ongoing improvements to the stability and user experience of the NULS wallet, we will launch an upgraded version of NULS test-net (V0.9.10) at 17:00 Singapore Standard Time on June 19th, 2018.

This version will launch important functions such as block browser, red card penalty mechanism, and wallet online upgrade. Please go to the NULS official website ( to download the new version of the wallet and import the private key into the new wallet. Since the system has restored the red card feature, it is not compatible with the previous version of the block data. All data will be reset, but we will transfer the old version of test coins into the new version account. Before upgrading, be sure to back up the plain text private key in your old account version.

Before the release of NULS main network, it is expected that a further 2–3 test versions will be announced. However, versions after V0.9.10 will be upgraded automatically online, you will just need to accept the upgrade.

Thank you to all our community for continuing to participate in the next stage of testing. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

What Has Changed

NULS core version [0.9.10] upgrade log:

1. Lock browser online.

2. Red card penalty restoration: red card penalty would occur during malicious beak, double flower, continuous 100 yellow cards and other situations.

3. Wallet online upgrade.

4. Ledger verification logic optimization.

5. Front-end interface optimization.

6. Performance optimization.

7. Mac OS version directory structure optimization.

Note: We suggest that all users involved in open beta open 8003 ports, enabling the active connection with other nodes.

Extra Information

1. Please read the wallet operation manual and the “readme.txt” document in the client end for NULS test version.

2. The official release time of the NULS main network will be announced based on the actual result of the open beta.

Your NULS Team

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