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ANNOUNCEMENT: NULS Test-Net Upgrade: Version VO.9.11

Dear NULS community

NULS main-net will launch soon. As part of final ongoing improvements to the stability and user experience of the wallet, we will launch an upgraded version of NULS test-net (V0.9.11) at 17:00 Singapore Standard Time on July 3rd, 2018.

Note: This will be an online upgrade this time. If your wallet version is lower than VO.9.10 however, you will need to download the VO9.10 from the NULS official website ( Since the format of addresses has changed, the data will automatically be cleaned up. Please back up your private key securely. Your test tokens will automatically be allocated to the new address, corresponding to your private key (which is obtained by importing the private key).

What Has Changed

1. Network optimization: save p2p network data, optimize the node discovery logic.

2. User interface optimization: part of the interface, jump logic and prompt message are optimized, several icons are modified.

3. Block download logic is optimized.

4. RPC and SDK normalization are optimized.

5. The English version is optimized.

6. Error code is collected and revised.

7. Time service tool is optimized.

8. Modification of address format: to deal with future plans, the address type is added in address compensation.

9. Overall performance and stability are optimized.

Thanks for your continued support!

Your NULS Team

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