Announcement of the Resignation of Jason Zhang — Co-founder of NULS

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To the NULS community members:

Due to personal reasons and after careful consideration, Jason Zhang, co-founder of NULS, has decided to leave the NULS core team. Jason’s development and ideas no longer represent those of the NULS core team.

NULS, being an open source community project, is dedicated to community-based development. Over the last 6 months, various community development teams (NULS STAR, CCC, etc.) along with the core team have determined the development direction of NULS 2.0. While Jason has not been involved in this process, or management since August of last year, Yang Lin and Niels Wang have had much heavier involvement with the core team during this period. As a result, we do not expect Jason’s departure to have any impact on the NULS project. The NULS core team will continue to promote the development and live up to the expectations of the community.

The team is extremely grateful for Jason’s contributions and efforts to the NULS project. We wish him the very best for the future.

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