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Dear NULS community,

Our forum is one of the most important platforms for the communication and interaction of all members of the NULS community. However, it was a little clunky and didn’t have many functions to clearly organize the valuable information being posted by everyone.

With the help of NULS NTC, we decided to build a new forum to make communication, knowledge sharing and social interactions more efficient and pleasing for you, the members of our global NULS community.

The new forum (, has been successfully deployed. It provides advanced features such as information groupings, content classification with sub-sections, multilingual publishing, communication and social interaction. All valuable and time-sensitive content from the original forum have been transferred to the new forum.

The original forum (nuls.Community) will no longer be updated and maintained, and all future information and updates will be made in our new forum of

Please register and create a new account, so that you can continue to contribute to the ecological development of the NULS.

Thank you for your continued support the growth of NULS.

NULS Community

May 15,2020

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