Announcement: The NULS Testnet Has Upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0

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We are pleased to inform you that with the cooperation of the NULS community members, the NULS 1.0 testnet has stopped packaging transactions at the 2205062 block height, and the NULS 2.0 test network has been launched. The balance and alias of the NULS 1.0 testnet snapshot has been imported into the NULS 2.0 testnet. Users can choose the NULS 2.0 wallet (desktop wallet, light wallet,) and import the NULS 1.0 testnet private key to get started with the NULS 2.0 testnet.


Because creation of nodes requires importing the private key of the created address, we cannot directly snapshot the consensus nodes of NULS 1.0 to the NULS 2.0 testnet or the mainnet.

So, after the testnet switches to the NULS 2.0 network, the consensus nodes of NULS 1.0 need to be re-created and restaked. Stakers will need to stake their NULS into the nodes of choice once recreated by the operators.

After the NULS 2.0 testnet is upgraded and achieves stability, we will officially announce and initiate the 2.0 mainnet upgrade process. Please keep an eye out for the official announcement.

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