April 21, 2019: Welcome to the NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update: Preemptive Layout of the Underlying Framework of the Blockchain

It’s that time again. What has the team been doing in the first half of April 2019? Let’s check it out together!

NULS1.0 Test Network

  • The test-net v1.2.1-beta has been released, with the modification of the prompt information of discovering nodes and enhancing the user experience of importing accounts.


  • Preemptive layout of the blockchain underlying framework: NULS2.0-Alpha, Pangu v2.0 (Alpha v2.0), has been released!

NULS2.0 Alpha 2 is integrated with NULStar, which fixes the issues found in the testing process of Alpha v1.0 and optimizes its performance. It was released on April 16th.

NULS 2.0 wallet is under development. The alpha is expected to be completed by the end of this month, and then the Beta version will follow shortly thereafter.

Web Wallet

  • Web wallet adds a function to exchange small change, and has been updated in the test network and the main network.

Chain Factory

  • The functional review of chain factory has been completed and it is under product design.

The testing progress of NULS2.0-Alpha v1.0 is as follows:

The testing progress of NULS2.0-Alpha v1.0

CCC Progress

  • Berzeck has integrated Nulstar into NULS2.0, and Pangu v2.0 (Alpha 2) has included NULStar. He has started writing a new introduction to NULStar. In addition, he has continued his research on Devop++, an efficient process for organizing and managing software life cycles. >Work Report
  • Ray handled the communication issue between NULStar and modules, and participated in the discussion of automatic packaging of NULStar and NULS 2.0. >Work Report
  • Josh still focuses on improving the Chrome plug-in Wallet.>Work Report
  • Edward built Sonar, an open platform for code quality management, to scan different modules, and fixed some of the issues.>Work Report
  • Naveen developed NULS Maven archetype and smart contract plug-in, which greatly improves the efficiency of developing smart contract, and recorded a tutorial video.>Work Report
  • Nytro, a light wallet developed by Moshe, is live.
  • Moshe represented NULS at the Paris BlockChain Week.
  • Summary of NULS Technical Community Core Developers Conference (I)

Media Reports

  • NULS Core Team CEO accepted an interview with Weilaicaijing.com, explaining the most concerned issues, such as why NULS 2.0 chooses micro-service architecture? What is the solution of NULS chain-building? What are the features? She especially emphasized that “the current goal of NULS is to reach the top 20 in market cap, and we are making efforts to achieve this goal”. >Details
  • Niels Wang, technical director of NULS core team, was interviewed by Odaily. He highlighted the NULS chain building and cross-chain function around the NULS2.0-Alpha, Pangu v1.0. The interview manuscript was also synchronously released to the top technology media 36kr.
  • Niels Wang, technical director of NULS core team, accepted Weilaicaijing.com interviews, mainly introducing and analyzing the cross-chain and multi-chain parallel mechanism of NULS, as well as the future ecological concept of NULS.
  • Longhash released the 2019 Digital Currency Market Cap Performance Analysis Chart indicating NULS impressive performance.

According to data provided by Onchainfx, Longhash recently analyzed the top 100 digital currencies in the market cap ranking, and described the overall performance of these currencies from the two dimensions of volatility and total yield. Among them, the NULS yield is high, and its market performance is eye-catching. >Article Source

It analyses and compares the two star projects of NULS and Cosmos from different perspectives to help you understand their technical implementation in chain-building and cross-chain, as well as their value.

  • NULS and Atlas Protocol offer benefits together. Participate in NULS questionnaires, and follow NULS Chinese Community Official Account to share NULS + ATP Prize Pool. Come and take bonus home! The activity has been successfully carried out.

Business & Community Events

  • NULS and Public Blockchain Technology Alliance jointly initialed “The Voice of Blockchain” essay activity

The event aims at encouraging people to share their opinion on “collaboration, governance and development” of blockchain. Together, we look forward to hearing from various communities, and all community members who create and share in the activity will have the chance to receive token awards. The event also invites influential senior practitioners in the industry as Voice Mentor, who will express their views as mentors of the C. G. D honorary committee. >Details

  • NULS Core Code Contributor Lin Yang ranks on the Top Global Star Projects in the 2019 Global Blockchain Leaders

Recently, Lin Yang, a core code contributor of the public chain project NULS, is successfully selected in the 2019 Global Blockchain Leaders. The first 2019 Global Blockchain Leaders was jointly organized by GBHB and Yuehua Wang (China) from DraperDragon, TokenInsight (China), M&A Center (Korea), OBITO.IO (Taiwan), BLOCKTEMPO (Taiwan) and ATF (Southeast Asia), and co-organized by Token Economy Association, QUEST CRPITAL, PAX Economy TV, TEK&LAW, Chinese Society of Technology Economic and Blockchain Committee, Great Wall Commune, Block Monster Lab, Korea Blockchain Startup Association. In addition, multiple top media, such as Jinse.com, MarsFinance, ChainNews, Walian.cn, BlockGlobe, Shilian.com, Beekkuaibao.com, Lianguantianxia, North America Finance, also threw their weight behind the event as directional publishing medium. Remarkably, NULS advisor Ken Huang was also awarded “Global TOP Industry Experts”.

  • Inspire the future: NULS blockchain smart contract developers workshop was held in Silicon Valley

At 5:00 p.m. local time on April 11, the NULS technical community held its second developer workshop in Silicon Valley, the first technology exchange since the release of NULS 2.0-Alpha, Pangu v1.0. It was a gathering of developers from Silicon Valley and other parts of the United States! The conference highlighted the core features and competitive advantages of NULS as the first blockchain technology infrastructure based on micro-service architecture, and demonstrated how to write and deploy smart contract/DAPP on NULS at the current stage.

  • Lianshijie joins NULS Consensus Node to jointly enhance the NULS ecological development and construction

As an important partner of NULS, Lianshijie (https://www.7234.cn/) expresses its great recognition of the development concept of NULS and selects NULS as one of the nine top-quality projects to be promoted on the whole site. After joining the NULS consensus node, Lianshijie will promote NULS with the media resources as a member of NULS ecosystem to get more people involved in the construction.

  • Hyperpay Wallet joins the NULS POC Node Campaign

Hyperpay wallet joins the NULS POC node campaign and supports the POS mining pool in the wallet with the annual incentive up to 20% and without the minimum threshold for participation. The POC credit consensus mechanism (Proof of Credit) is a provable crediting system that takes credit coefficients and rights as incentive criteria to coordinate each node to determine the single-node broadcasting authority based on the uniqueness and finality of the blockchain ledge. It is highly decentralized and relatively fair with both the advantages of POS and DPOS.

  • NULS — Nearly 200 test-net nodes are running steadily all over the world!

Since the NCG20190118_NULS Test Network Improvements — Node Forge Proposal more than one month ago, the number of NULS test-net nodes has increased nearly tenfold from less than 20 at the beginning. As of April 11, 2019, the NULS test network nodes spread multiple countries and regions in the world with a total of 184, including 182 consensus nodes and 88 nodes with a credit value of 1, and the total entrustment of the test network are more than 4282NULS, which is greater than the total nodes (87) and total entrustment (32.9 million NULS) of the NULS main network. NULS has become one of the public chain projects with the widest distribution and the steadiest operation of the test network nodes in the world.

  • NULS announced the Community Top Contributors in 2019 Q1

The NULS Community Top Contributors Selection in the first quarter of 2019 has ended with 5 winners. In the NULS community voting process, the total votes reached 4187, 095, of which the top five were: People call me Chic, Dustin Sun, Mick, MudiW, Gilgamesh Trout.

  • Vivi Zhou, Java Architect of NULS Core Team Technical Department, shared a comparative analysis between NULS 2.0 and NULS 1.0 in the fifteenth issue of the Air Class in the community. >Details
  • NULS Chinese Ambassador Aurora shared the theme of “NULS POC Consensus Mechanism” in Dragonex’s official Chinese Telegram Group and talked about NULS node incentives and investment returning.

NIP & Proposals & Progress

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