April 5, 2019: Welcome to the NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update: NULS 2.0 Alpha v1.0 was Released

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Its been a busy first quarter of 2019 with much more to come!

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Test Network

  • The NULS test-net v1.2.1-beta is under development and testing, which is scheduled for release in early April.

Web Wallet

  • The main-net web wallet is being optimized, and is expected to be launched in early April.


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  • The first extended internal test version of NULS2.0 — Pangu v1.0 has been released and a number of partners are invited to participate in the test, and put forward suggestions for improvement;
  • Collated the NULS2.0 manuals and updated the developer documentation website;
  • Launched the NULS2.0 supporting block explorer;
  • Started the NULS2.0 and NULSTAR integration work, standardized the modules developed by the technical community and team, and improved the NULS2.0 progress.
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  • Edward was mainly involved in debugging the NULS2.0 alpha, and has developed a signature and verification tool on the client wallet, which can enable users to copy the transactions elsewhere to the client wallet for signature without importing private keys for signature transactions in other places.
  • Ray wrote the script of the halt module and learned the code of the network and block module at the same time to prepare for the later integration.
  • Josh tested nuls-js and started developing the plugin wallet for chrome browser.
  • Berzeck continued NULSTAR’s development work and accepted a Developers Challenge from YouTube blogger. In addition, he conducted a 10-day investigation into the technical development process to improve CCC’s development and collaboration efficiency.
  • Angel completed a small demo of the app wallet to verify the performance of the app.
  • Angel attended the NULS smart contract workshop in Madrid, Spain on March 21.
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  • Moshe fixed some issues with Nytro wallet and NULS Explorer, and improved Aleph’s white paper and the node in python version.
  • Moshe participated in the blockchain developer workshop in Paris, France on March 23, to compete with other competitors.
  • Cointelegraph, the most influential overseas media in the industry, released a transcript about the launch of NULS 2.0Alpha.
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Overseas blockchain media Sludgefeed reviewed the market performance of blockchain projects in the first quarter of 2019. According to Messari, in the first quarter of 2019, NULS doubled the market cap ranking the top 20! NULS is one of only 20 percent of the thousands of blockchain projects analyzed in this data set that have worldwide impact. Messari.io is a reliable and professional blockchain media and one of the excellent data websites that focus on the market trend.

  • On March 23, overseas media Chepicap published an analysis article on the market situation, and it reckoned that NULS stood out on that day and was the biggest winner among the top 100 projects in market cap.
  • On March 28, the blockchain media Xiaocong APP published an analysis article on the market situation, and believed that the market had a good recovery. It noted that NULS deserved special attention since the value of NULS is being enhanced and the project promotion is relatively complete. In particular, recently NULS has released the first internal test version of NULS2.0 — Pangu v1.0. At this point, NULS will officially support microservice.
  • Overseas website Fairfieldcurrent published two consecutive analysis articles on the recent market situation on March 27 and April 1. They kept paid special attention to the NULS project and believed that NULS volume was high for 24 hours, and briefly introduced NULS project in the article.
  • YouTube channel @Darth Crypto expressed his view on NULS’s performance.
  • On March 29, YouTube @piaopiaoran posted a market analysis video. He especially mentioned the first internal test version of NULS2.0, Pangu v1.0, and analyzed the release announcement. He thinks NULS is a good project.
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  • For better SEO and promotion, the official twitter name of NULS has been altered from @nulsservice to @Nuls. Link: https://twitter.com/Nuls.
  • At 19:00 on March 16th, in order to gain more support from members of the community, the three ambassador candidates of NULS Chinese community @aurora,@HhH and @laotie held a live election broadcast in the community for the first time. They shared their ambassadors’ work plan and their understanding of NULS with everyone, and answered some live questions to draw votes for themselves. >Video review link
  • On March 13th, Niels Wang, the core developer of NULS main network & technical product director, was invited to attend the CoinVoice business open class to share the topic of what is the underlying random number mechanism of public chain for Dapp?
  • NULS advisor Ken Huang published an article to analyze the application and generation mechanism of the random number in blockchain.
  • The total number of NULS test-net nodes has exceeded 100. Since the launch of the NULS main network in July 2018, the NULS core team and the NULS community have been maintaining both the NULS test network and the main network. So far, NULS test-net nodes is up to 100, which are distributed in France, Germany, India, Singapore, China, the United States and other countries and regions.
  • NULS community embraced a new member, Eric was appointed as NULS community manager.

Mr. Eric from the Netherlands was officially appointed as the NULS community manager. A competent leader has joined the community construction of NULS! He will be responsible for the development and construction of NULS communities in the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam and other places.

  • The ambassadors of China, Australia, Portugal and Russia has been elected in the second quarter of 2019. >Details

Chinese Ambassador

@aurora (24.43%)

>Campaign post

Australian Ambassador

@ ZaneNodeAmazing (19.74%).

>Campaign post

Portuguese Ambassador

@ Cristinh0 (15.53%).

>Campaign post

Russian ambassador

@ nataligonina (13.55%).

>Campaign post

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BlockGroup, the parent company of blockchain investment institution BlockVC, announced the establishment of a $200 million M&A funds to merge or strategically increase the quality blockchain assets in the secondary market and enhance the operational capital strength of the project side. In addition, it will also strengthen strategic cooperation with the project team in community construction, industry research, asset management, ecological development to provide long-term value for project development and jointly build the blockchain ecosystem. NULS has received strategic investment from the fund. Xu Yingkai, a partner of BlockGroup, said “NULS has a highly advanced architecture design by introducing micro-services into the underlying infrastructure of blockchain to design software applications as a service suite that can be independently deployed, which eliminates the limitation of programming language.”

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  • The first internal test version of NULS 2.0, Alpha v1.0, has been released on March 28, which was the first step in practicing micro-service thinking combining blockchain.
  • The five global ecological partners, HENA, Token Network, PeerX, Prism and Node Forge, were the first to join the NULS2.0 internal test to accelerate the implementation of blockchain business applications.
  • On March 20, Lily Wang attended the air class sharing in NULS Chinese community (12th issue)
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  • On April 2nd, NULS advisor Ken Huang was invited to participate in the Blockress International blockchain exchange conference held in Chicago, USA. Top experts and participants from Europe, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Australia and North America gathered together to discuss blockchain related Professional knowledge. At the meeting, Ken Huang gave a speech on the theme of “Enterprise Blockchain Trend”, specifically mentioning the microservice architecture and modular design of NULS. He believed that it is a necessary condition for the public chain to link commercial application based blockchain.
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  • The first casual guessing game platform “17game” based on NULS public chain has been launched for public test. community members are welcome to participate >Details
  • NULS ranked 7th in CCID’s Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index.
  • NULS has been listed on Coinmerce (NULS/EUR), supporting trading NULS in EURO fiat.
  • The community member HyperPay initiated a proposal to support HyperPay’s node access to the NULS mining pool, and it is up for a vote.


>Voting link

  • Council member Penny created a fund proposal to invite NULS CCC developers to demonstrate on site at the Silicon Valley Developers Workshop in April. >Details

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