April Bi-Monthly Report

April 16–31, 2021

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO Platform
  • Trading
  • Other News
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

New Heights
  • Continued development and testing of Chrome plug-ins. This includes optimizing the performance and UI interaction of the home page, and resolving the problem of community feedback.
  • Continued development and testing of the Nabox Android version. The development includes adding access to the OKExChain’s test network for testing.
  • Continued development and testing of the Nabox IOS version.
  • Working on the NerveNetwork v1.10.3. Changes/additions include consensus module optimization, and optimized virtual bank chain handling fees for specific cases.
  • Adding support for OKT prediction machine feed in NerveNetwork v1.11.0.

SCO Platform


April 16: BonFi, a NULS SCO Project, launched their V1 platform. V1 new/improved features include additional evaluation parameters to boost the quality of DeFi project and product risk scores. Congratulations BonFi!


Medium-article- BonFi-V1


April 19: BonFi announced that through the NerveNetwork cross-chain, its asset BNF is interoperable with BSC, Heco, OKExChain, NULS, and Nerve.


Earhart New Partners

April 26: NULS SCO Project Earhart announced partnerships with ISEC Lisboa, Cottinelli Telmo School, and Entroncamento INOVA.

These partnerships will help Earhart speed up the industry adoption of Earhart Solution, providing the aviation students access and training in their leading technology. This will help bring Blockchain teaching mainstream.



April 27: LAVASwap hosted an AMA for NULS SCO Project DATT.


April 29: NinjaSwap announced a partnership with NULS and Nerve. NINJA users can pledge their assets XNINJA to obtain 20X rewards, and NULS users can also participate in the pledge to receive XNINJA.

April 29: CryptoBank announced that they would hold an online AMA with NULS on May 7. AMA Participants would have the opportunity to receive CBT and NULS rewards.


April 16: NULS and ForTube have reached a strategic collaboration to expand cross-chain access for the ForTube Asset FOR. Through the underlying cross-chain technology of NerveNetwork, the FOR token has achieved cross-chain interoperability in ETH, BSC, HECO, and NULS networks.

NerveDEX has also opened the FOR (BSC chain)/eFOR (ETH chain) trading pairs. Users can transfer FOR (ETH chain) assets to the BSC network through the Nerve Network cross-chain bridge.


ForTube Medium Article

April 16: NULS jointly launched an airdrop giveaway with MyCointainer, a staking service platform. The giveaway ended April 30. Participants had the opportunity to win a portion of the 750 NULS.


April 16: SimpleSwap celebrated its 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday SimpleSwap! NULS and SimpleSwap have a strategic agreement.

April 16: NULS NerveNetwork announced that it would soon support OKExChain main network cross-chain and multi-way interworking with multi-chain assets such as Ethereum, BSC, Heco, OKExChain, and NULS.


NerveNetwork currently supports OKExChain-Test cross-chain interoperability and will upgrade the network to OKExChain mainnet when OKExChain mainnet goes online.

April 16: NULS launched the beta version of the Nabox browser plug-in wallet. This version supports five blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BSC, Heco, and NULS, and integrates the underlying cross-chain functions of NerveNetwork.

Visit Nabox.io



April 17: NULS and MetaFinance, a commercial DeFi entity, have established a strategic relationship. NULS and MetaFinance will cooperate in the areas of pledge lending and asset cross-chain.

April 19: Trading platform AEX Anyin is collaborating with NULS to create Defi Mining Pool opportunities for NULS. From April 19 to April 26, AEX and NULS invite people to stake NULS in AEX Defii pool with 38% APY and possibly receive tokens from the NULS AirDrop giveaway pool.



April 19: PancakeSwap launched NULS-BUSD Cake LP liquidity mining at 15:00 March 11, 2021, Singapore time. Users could win CAKE rewards by participating in LP.


April 19: NULS announced the NULS-BUSD Pool on Autofarm. To celebrate and promote the pool, NULS provided a giveaway that ended April 21.



April 19: Autofarm announces BUSD-NULS pool with an APY greater than 250%.

SWFT Blockchain on Twitter — @ SwftCoin

April 20: NerveNetwork and SWFT Blockchain reached a strategic agreement. They will cooperate in joint projects in the DeFi field and cross-chain flash exchange.

April 24: Autofarm announced the winners the NULS giveaway for “digging” in the NULS-BUSD Pool. Congratulations to all the winners!


April 20: Ran Xiaobo, co-leader of NULS and Community Director, met with AEX Anyin. Their conversation was recorded. They discussed relevant blockchain topics, including NULS current initiatives, the Defi and NFT environment, NULS accomplishments in the cross-chain space, and NULS plans for 2021.



BlackHole and NULS

April 23: Black Hole Protocol and NULS reached a strategic agreement. Both parties will cooperate closely around the initial token exchange, quality asset mutual recommendation, cutting-edge situation research, and ecological resource sharing.

NULS & Black Hole Protocol

April 23: CryptoDiffer, well-respected for its coverage of crypto and blockchain industry news, tweeted the NULS/BlackHole Protocol cooperation news.

April 26: CryptoDiffer released 15 undervalued DeFi project rankings, which included NVT.


April 23: Huobi Eco Chain’s LAVAswap added DATT-USDT LP and DATT-NULS LP to dig LAVA fluidity mine pools.

April 24: PancakeSwap provided the list of LP mining pools that it was updating to V2. The list included NULS-BUSD LP.

Other News

  • April 19: the Turkish Ambassador of NULS provides NULS updates on his website.
  • April 21: The NULS Community announced the Top Four Contributors to NULS for the first quarter of 2021: Viriat0, Li Ning, Andance, and @1.
    To Viriat0, Li Ning, Andance, and @1: Thank you Top Four for your commitment to NULS!


  • April 22: The NerveNetwork Team announced the NVT_05 option certificate expired on April 21, 2021. The NVT_05 option certificate has been repurchased according to the NVT_05 option rules. The repurchase price is 0.25 USDT. The airdrop to all NVT_05 option certificate holders is complete.
  • April 26: The results of the NULS ambassador election for the second quarter of 2021 are published. Turkish Ambassador Koinmilyoner, Spanish Ambassador Noel, Canadian Ambassador Pipeshark, and Portuguese Ambassador Joao were re-elected. Congratulations!
  • Canadian Ambassador Pipeshark submitted his proposal for Q2 2021. It has been accepted and passed.


  • Turkish Ambassador Koinmilyoner released his March-April work report. Thank you!


  • Community members Ekam, Tangyuan, Antonio, and Eleven have submitted a token swapping proposal from ERC20 to NULS. Their proposals are under consideration.





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Run your own blockchain complete with tokens, smart contracts, cross-chain, and staking. Nothing makes blockchain easier. Find out more: https://nuls.io.