August 16th, 2018: Welcome to the NULS bi-monthly progress update.

1. Confidence Indicator: NULS Awarded CCID Listing

On August 10th, China’s CCID research institute under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), announced it would add NULS to the Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (GPBTAI).

This is the only official cryptocurrency index run by a government entity in China. Dr Songtao Pu, director of GPBTAI said that the inclusion of NULS is mainly due to the recent successful launch of our main-net, and the fact that the project has been “continually improving its underlining technology with significant development efforts.”

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2. New Key Appointment to The NULS Foundation

Tao Zhu, Director General of the Blockchain Industry Alliance of China High-Tech Industrialization Association, accepted the role as consultant to the NULS Foundation. NULS CEO Liesa Huang said “we are excited by this appointment because Tao brings a wealth of expertise, connections and resources to our project.”

3. Co-Founder Reaper Ran Delivers The NULS Vision

Reaper Ran, NULS Co-Founder & Director of Community Operations, gave a talk at the Blockchain Technology and Industry Integration Conference in Chengdu, China on August 4th. He shared the NULS vision — an adaptable blockchain for enterprise solutions.

4. Jason Zhang Talks To The Linux Community

Jason Zhang, NULS founder, addressed the Linux community on August 12th in Chongqing, China. Attending the Linux Technical Community Exchange Conference, Zhang discussed the similarities between the expandability of blockchain and Linux’s underlying structure. He took the opportunity to invite experienced techs from the Linux open-source community to join the NULS technical community.

5. NULS Ambassador Recruitment Program

The Launch Begins!

Over the past few weeks we have held extensive discussions in our community forum and social media groups on the future shape of the NULS community. Now are ready to implement the next step of our plan, the recruitment of NULS ambassadors (formally named community leaders).

The recruitment period runs from August 16th to August 31st.
Activity will be centered on this forum:

On September 1st, the newly appointed ambassadors will be announced and community funds will be released so that the ambassadors can start fulfilling their duties. Read more > HERE

6. NULS — China’s New Ethereum

The Korean media agency News1, declared NULS the Ethereum of China. The outlet mentioned the growing appetite among Korean investors for NULS, and confidence in our emerging technology and partnerships, including investment by Bitmain. NULS Korean Director, Isaac Kim said “we are working hard in the region to promote the adoption of NULS by enterprises, and the momentum is building fast. When you have a great product, at some point it starts to sell itself.”
If you want to test your Korean, read more > HERE.

  • Gathered and sorted daily problems, reported by the community concerning main-net.
  • Tested and launched Main-Net v1.0.1.
  • Planned, designed and developed Main-Net v1.0.2, including wallet, explorer and web wallet.
  • Confirmed plans on testing and launch of NULS web wallet.
  • Conducted smart contract testing and contract development plug-in (IntelliJ IDEA) testing.
  • Drafted, discussed and determined cross-chain technical solutions.
  • Organized developer documentation.
  • Continue to support exchanges in the swap process.

NULS Press This Month …

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Coinidol Media
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Sludgetfeed Media
Tezos and NULS to Be Included in the Upcoming Chinese Blockchain Rankings
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NULS Spotted On YouTube This Month ….

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South Korea YouTube: 디지틀조선TV

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