August 2nd, 2018: Welcome to the NULS bi-monthly progress update.

Main-net launched, and now the team are pushing ahead with tech, recruitment, community governance and exchange listings. They even found time to squeeze in an office move!

Binance List NULS/USDT

Binance announced they would open a NULS/USDT trading pair on the 23rd July. Binance was one of the first exchanges to originally list NULS, and this announcement demonstrates their continued support for our project into the future. Currently, only 18 other tokens have a USDT pairing on Binance.

NULS Listed on DragonEx

On July 19th, NULS/USDT started trading on DragonEx exchange.

NULS co-founder Reaper Ran, said “we are excited to work with DragonEx, because like NULS, they have ambitious plans to expand in the market place. This is more than an exchange listing, it is also a dynamic marketing partnership.” As part of the agreement, NULS and DragonEx have committed significant resources to a cross-promotion, to build joint brand awareness.
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NULS Community Forum Launched

Last week, the new community forum was launched.

Please join in the discussions! There are various elements of the community development to be discussed and agreed in the coming weeks and months.

Please join the discussion >> Recruitment Community Developers
Please join the discussion >>
Recruitment Community Leaders

Community Director, Reaper Ran (L) with Eugin Li (R), discussing their vision for community autonomy.

NULS Cup DApp Awards

SportIP were declared the overall winners of the NULS Cup International DApp Blockchain Design Competition at an awards ceremony held in Beijing on July 29th. The competition, sponsored by NULS in liaison with the Chinese Ministry of Education and Science, attracted unprecedented interest among technology students and from within the blockchain community. Over 1500 participants registered to compete and there were over 300 DApp project entries. It is estimated that the event attracted two million views on- and off-line during the course of the competition, and spin-off news resulted in a reach of more than 60 million people. > More

· Bugs reported after main-net launch were fixed;

· Development, testing and public beta of Test-Net v1.0.1-BETA;

· Development and testing of Main-Net v1.0.1;

· Support provided to new exchanges for listing NULS;

· Smart contract module tested;

· Developer documents organized;

· Development on the NULS web wallet.

We Moved Office!

Bigger offices, more space for expansion!

The central NULS team in Chongqing China moved offices this week. As our numbers continue to grow and we recruit more core developers and support staff, it was apparent we had out-grown our old office space. This week the team were hauled between coding and packing boxes for a day or two, but the move went smoothly in the end!

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We are hiring! >> Regional Director USA

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