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NULS Co-Founder Lily Wang (center) at the signing ceremony

NULS took part in a high-level signing ceremony at Chongqing’s Smart China Expo yesterday, August 22nd. This agreement, signifies a commitment between designated technology companies in China and Singapore to work together on future large-scale joint projects.

NULS signed an agreement with Veritag, SAKAE Fintech, Y3 Technologies Pte Ltd, Reefic Protocol and Morpheus Lab to establish a food chain alliance and a global food ecosystem based on blockchain.

Chongqing’s government is highly supportive of blockchain technology. As well as being an integral part of China’s One Belt One Road Initiative — Chongqing is set to become a major base for blockchain innovation and application, with designated blockchain industrial bases and over 50 blockchain enterprises.

A wave of opportunities and partnerships are coming down the road, and Chongqing based NULS, is positioned to take advantage of it.

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NULS Stand at Smart China Expo — A NULS fan can never be too young!
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NULS booth at Smart China Expo attracted a lot of visitors

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