Beijing Chainsguard and NULS Join in Strategic Cooperation

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On November 21st, Beijing Chainsguard Co., Ltd. and NULS joined in strategic cooperation. NULS is a customizable blockchain infrastructure dedicated to building a multi-chain parallel and value interoperability blockchain ecological network.

Beijing Chainsguard will provide security services for projects based on NULS main chain technology, including smart-contract code auditing and related security services. The partnership will focus on the areas of security nodes, main-chain security, as well as ecological C-side security, to create a safe and efficient public chain ecosystem.

Beijing Chainsguard focuses on blockchain ecological security and provides security services including, not limited to the security of exchanges, wallets, main chains and mining pools.The team focuses on comprehensive vulnerability discovery for public chain code auditing capabilities and has assisted EOS, Ethereum and other well-known public chains to discover and fix security vulnerabilities.

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