Bi-Monthly Update- NULS 2.0 Public Beta Launch

What has the team been doing in the first half of July 2019? Let’s check it out together!

  • The NULS 2.0 Beta was released, and the testnet has been switched from NULS 2.0 Alpha to Beta version.
  • The NULS 2.0 core chain-building product ChainBox was released and online chain-building demonstration was conducted to complete the construction of a basic blockchain with an email and messaging application module.
  • NULS 2.0 Beta added NRC-721 standards, and now it is possible to issue non-fungible tokens on the Beta version.
  • NULS 2.0 wallet was launched with smart contracts, cross-chain transfers, service switching, chain switching, and other functions.
  • The back-end development of Maven plug-in for smart contracts was completed, and most of the visualization pages have been completed, and are now under the final improvement and optimization.
  • SDK development and testing has been completed, and the documents have been sorted out.

Ⅰ.CCC Progress

  • Please check CCC

.Business & Community Events

  • NULS 2.0 launched the global public beta

On the morning of 8th July, the global open source project NULS launched the NULS 2.0 Global Public Beta. During the live broadcasting, NULS core team simultaneously launched ChainBox, a core product of NULS2.0 for chain creation. NULS product manager Pen gave a live demonstration and successfully built an email message chain with ChainBox in 10 minutes.

  • During the NULS 2.0 beta, the NULS core team launched a global online hackathon based on NULS 2.0 chain building with the award of $500,000. We are expecting active participation with global developers.
  • Contributing to NULS 2.0 public beta: developers from different countries join NULS CCC development team

We have good news to share with you that six outstanding developers from multiple countries have joined the NULS CCC (NULS Code Craft Council). They are Kathy (USA), Tudor (Australia), Nalex (Australia), Long (China), Peak (China) and Pen (China).

Ⅲ.Media Reports

NULS 2.0 launches global public beta and releases NULS ChainBox, a core chain-building product. Numerous NULS main-net nodes, such as Huobi Mining Pool, BEPAL, AnyBit, Consensus Lab, have posted messages and provided comprehensive assistance, and have given their blessings.

  • GBAC, PCTA, Chain Club, BitKeep, Bixiaobai, BitKan, BitStar, Keystore, ZB MEGA, DragonEX, and other partners sent their blessings to NULS 2.0 global public beta.
  • Media blessings to NULS 2.0 global public beta

HuoXing Finance, COINVOICE, Bitett, Beekuaibao, Bixiaobai, Tangent,,,,,,,,,,,, NiuShiCaiJing,,,, LianTianXia, and other media pay attention to and help NULS 2.0 launch the global public beta.

  • NULS Liesa: NULS 10-minute chain creation rebuilds the ecosystem of blockchain development

On the evening of 8th July, WeTalk Blockchain, a community interview column of Chain Club, specifically invited Liesa, NULS Core Team CEO, to talk about how NULS can lower the threshold of blockchain development and create conditions for more quality applications, faster acceptance of the industry and better service to users.

  • Blockchain solution provider Samos took the lead in announcing the adoption of NULS 2.0 for chain building

After in-depth research, as well as comprehensively testing the functions of NULS 2.0 such as chain building, smart contract, and NRC721, Samos found that NULS 2.0 can satisfy the technical requirements of the public chain, consortium chain, and private chain perfectly at the same time. Ultimately, Samos decided to embrace NULS 2.0 and take NULS 2.0 as the key recommended program for blockchain solutions.

As the first blockchain solution supplier based on NULS2.0, Samos will continue to bring more ecological projects to NULS in the future. The partnership with Samos will further lower the threshold for other projects to join the NULS ecosystem thus accelerating the NULS 2.0 ecological development.

  • The NULS team joined OKEx in launching the second phase of the “Sharing Millions of NULS” activity ( from July 2 to July 15). New registered users buying NULS (no less than 250 USDT) on OKEx through the exclusive entrance below can gain NULS rewards equivalent to 100CNY. Since NULS was listed on OKEx, the world’s leading digital asset trading platform on December 05, 2017, the two parties have maintained long-term friendly cooperation. At present, NULS chain-building and cross-chain functions have been launched for public testing with the implementation of the technology and successful layout of the chain-building and cross-chain templates.
  • NULS Spark Propagation Plan: Set a trend for chain building. Pass the torch.

The first stage (from July 1 to July 15) of Spark Propagation Plan has been launched. NULS community members are welcomed to help NULS propagation and promotion. Every individual has power, and any spark can ignite a prairie fire.

  • On July 6 and 7, 2019, NULS community participated in the 2nd Global Graphene Blockchain Developers Conference. Reaper
  • NULS has been officially listed on

According to the official announcement of the GOKO Exchange, NULS was listed on the GOKO at 15:00 (GMT+8) on July 9 and opened NULS/USDT trading pair. At present, it is available for deposit and withdrawal and users can trade now.

  • KuCoin, invested by IDG and Matrix Partners, joins the NULS ecosystem and becomes the NULS main-net node

On 12th July, KuCoin, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the industry with IDG and Matrix Partners investment, formally announced that it would join the NULS ecosystem and become the main network node of NULS.

KuCoin suggested that as the first public chain project integrating micro-services and blockchains, NULS not only owns 10-minute chain-building product NULS ChainBox, but also realizes the implementation of its cross-chain technology. After joining the mainnet node, KuCoin will provide professional technology and hardware resources, and participate in maintaining the stability and security of NULS main network. Besides, KuCoin is willing to empower NULS ecosystem with their rich industry resources and professional advantages in the new financial field.

  • The proposal of decreasing the block reward created by NULS CCC & NULS Council member Berzeck is approved

Berzeck, a member of NULS CCC&NULS Council, initiated the proposal of lowering block rewards over many years. He believed that it is necessary to design a max supply limit of inflation for NULS. The proposal has now been formally approved. The inflation incentive will be reduced to 0 in 2104, at that time NULS’s POS mining will be completed with the maximum cap of 210 million NULS.

  • American Developers Workshop: Nearly 30 developers deeply experienced NULS ChainBox for chain building

On July 11, NULS U.S. Regional Director David and NULS CCC member Kathy co-sponsored the NULS 2.0 Chain Building and Business Module Development Workshop in San Jose, California. More than 30 developers were present, including students from famous universities such as UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Stanford University, professional developers from blockchain start-ups, and businessmen from well-known companies such as Adobe, Facebook, Intel, and Visa.

Ⅳ.NIP & Proposals & Progress

  • On July 6, 2019, the voting of the application proposal for African Ambassadors and Portuguese Ambassadors selection in the third quarter of 2019 was ended and approved. @tinetien89 and @Joao are selected as the African Ambassador and Portuguese Ambassador of NULS Community in the third quarter of 2019, respectively. The links of the two ambassadors’ proposals are as follows:



Ⅴ. NULS Community Council Progress

  • The decision is made to open a sticky post to publish all addresses of community funds with monthly updates. The changes in community funds will also be published and updated in NULS Community Forum.
  • Writing the NIP documentation to record the max supply limit of NULS and adding it to the NIP process.
  • We preliminarily discussed the content planning of the product to be launched on the main network and will publish it to the community at the right time.
  • Discussing the new projects incubated by CCC, we believe that it is necessary to have some connection with NULS, especially in the economic model.

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