Bi-Monthly Update-Upcoming Public Beta Test of NULS 2.0

What has the team been doing in the second half of June 2019? Let’s check it out together!

A. Develop an eventually consistent consensus algorithm (POCBFT) combined with POC consensus to accelerate cross-chain transaction confirmation, which is currently under test and optimization.

B. Added a verifier protocol to enable a more direct, faster and safer confirmation of cross-chain transactions, which has been developed and is undergoing the closed beta test.

I. CCC Progress

The regulations for the developer circle and the document contributor circle are being proceeded and discussed. Details of the regulations will be released to the Community once confirmed.

2.Business & Community Events

Chain-building is an inevitable trend. NULS will release ChainBox , the core chain-building product, to initiate NULS 2.0 Public Beta , a well-known integrated service platform for node information listed NULS.

On June 17, the DPoS consensus mechanism category was newly added to, a well-known node integrated service platform. NULS became the first DPoS project launched online, and this category has been included into MNO’s existing masternode list to provide more direct information for investors and enables them to easily and comprehensively compare DPoS with other categories of MNO projects.

Based on the proposal of many community members and through the discussion of the Council, we have updated NIP4_NULS Rules for Ambassador Election and Participation. The tenure of ambassador members in the second quarter will end on 30 June. Thank you for your participation and dedication. We hope that more community members who contribute to the development of the NULS community will join the ambassadors' election in the third quarter.

As a traditional activity of NULS Community, the quarterly contributors’ selection has been launched. We’d like to extend our gratitude to every community member who has made contributions to NULS.

BEPAL and NULS jointly organized a community-oriented AMA interaction to illustrate node staking, including the advantages of NULS node staking and the primary reasons why BEPAL was optimistic about NULS. BEPAL’s reasons for choosing NULS were clearly analyzed, followed by a Q&A with prizes.

We are pleased to share with you that after several months of planning, researching and developing, we have officially launched the new website. We have comprehensively upgraded the visual system of the whole website and confirmed the brand-new visual style with “NULS Green” as the theme color. In addition, we have arranged and optimized the content structure of the new official website in a more careful manner, thus enabling viewers to easily get the relevant information of the project they are concerned about.

From July 6 to 7, 2019, NULS will be invited to participate in 2019 2nd Global Graphene Blockchain Developer Conference sponsored by Graphene Block Chain Application Center. Reaper, co-founder of NULS, will attend the conference and share the achievements and progress of NULS in the field of chain-building and cross-chain.

NULS’s economic model initially issues a total of 100 million, and less than 5 million block awards will be generated in a fixed manner and on an annual basis as incentives for network maintenance nodes and staking participation. Berzeck, a member of NULS CCC member & NULS Council, initiated the proposal of diminishing block incentives, which will reduce the block inflation incentives to 0 in 2104. By then, the POS mining of NULS will complete the output in 2104, reaching NULS’s maximum total cap of 210 million tokens. The vote on the proposal will end on July 10, and the current approval rate is 97.89%.

3.Overseas Events and Media Reports

4.NIP & Proposal & Progress

5. Moments of NULS Community Council

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