Blockchain Pioneer List | NULS POC Consensus Mechanism Named Top Ten in the 2018 Global Blockchain Pioneering Technology List

Recently, guided by the China Blockchain Ecological Alliance, produced by InterChain Pulse and the CCID, the 2018 Global Blockchain Pioneer List jointly released the Top Ten Pioneering Technologies. POC Consensus Mechanism of NULS was chosen as one of the ten Pioneer technologies.

The full name of POC is Proof of Credit, which is the consensus mechanism used by NULS innovation. POC has achieved a good balance between decentralization, security and scalability, and can effectively support related technologies and applications in the NULS ecosystem.

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POC consensus, Top Ten Pioneering Technologies

In the selection of the top ten technology pioneers, there were 27 technical projects participating in the competition. The top ten technical projects were selected to cover the four major technical areas of the blockchain underlying platform, consensus algorithms, key technologies and storage systems.

In the underlying layer platform of the blockchain, Thunder chain, BCS platform of Huawei blockchain, ECOChain of Jinqiu blockchain, etc. were selected. In the consensus algorithm, POC consensus mechanism of NULS and the commissioned workload (DPoW) of the Shenzhen block were finally selected after fierce competition.

In terms of key technologies and storage systems, TruPrivacy of YottaChain, Wanchain and Thundernet’s TCFS file system have also been selected into the top ten technology leaderboards with their respective technical strengths.

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Top Ten Pioneering Technologies(rank in no particular order)

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