Born of the Earth — Pangu in the World: The Introduction of NULS 2.0 Alpha v1.0

On Mar 27, a new M&A crypto fund of 200M USD, established by BlockGroup (Blockvcfund ‘s parent company), announced their investment in NULS. The new crypto fund will focus on the secondary market and invest in the listed projects which are underestimated in the current market. The launch of NULS 2.0 Alpha v1 is the first step to carry out Microservice thinking.

Release Date

10:30 March 28, 2019 (GMT+8)

Internal Test Time

From March 28, 2019 to April 15, 2019 (the specific time depends on the internal test)

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New Features

Microservice Architecture and Support for Multiple Languages

The Alpha release will support microservices which enables NULS to provide businesses unparalleled flexibility by separating modules so they can be deployed independently. When a module is updated or replaced, it won’t have any effect on other modules, which will greatly speed up the iteration and cut operating costs. Meanwhile, the microservice architecture achieves complete decoupling between modules that can communicate with others through interface invocation. At this point, NULS will totally eliminate the restrictions of development language and allow multi-languages development.

Making the General Business Independent

Based on the microservice architecture, NULS2.0 is capable of splitting the business of the blockchain system to independently operate all general blockchain business modules.

NULS aims to realize a multi-chain and cross-chain ecosystem. The completion of the general blockchain business module will lay a solid foundation for the realization of multi-chain and cross-chain goals in the future. To build their own blockchain, the enterprises can directly use general modules to utilize the features of the blockchain system. This allows them to focus on the development of the new modules for specific business, which can greatly save time and cost for the enterprise to develop their blockchain system. Furthermore, it is conducive to the construction of NULS multi-chain and cross-chain ecosystem.

Performance Improvement of Smart Contracts

NULS provides Turing-complete smart contracts. In NULS1.0, NULS basically realized the smart contracts and provided a complete development tutorial (refer to To further improve the performance of the NULS smart contract, starting from this Alpha release, the NULS Smart Contract will run on an NVM concurrent array (running on a high-performance contract processing engine based on a distributed architecture design).

Extension Protocols and Interfaces of Multi-chain and Cross-chain

NULS2.0 enables enterprises to build a blockchain with ease. The blockchain system built based on NULS2.0 can be incorporated to NULS’s ecology more conveniently through the cross-chain module. NULS has invested heavily in research and development on multi-chain and cross-chain to make it reality. The multi-chain and cross-chain extension protocols and interfaces are functionally accessible in this Alpha version.

More Support for DAPPs and DAPPs Can be Included in the Wallet

The official launch of NULS2.0 will push ahead the development of the NULS ecology in an all-around fashion, and particularly, DAPPs hold the key to the ecology. In this Alpha version, NULS provides more support for DAPPs to make basic preparations for the later DAPP platform. Specifically, the wallet offers the application module to include the DAPPs.

New Account Balance Ledger Model

NULS2.0 is born for the business application of blockchain. In order to better support the business needs of enterprises and ensure the efficient processing of data on the chain, NULS2.0 adopts a brand new account balance ledger model.

Wallet Program Separate From Node Program

In addition to the technical improvement for microservices, NULS2.0 has separated the wallet program from the node program for the multi-chain and cross-chain ecology. This will improve the user experience and lower the threshold for ordinary users to use NULS.

Development Normalization

NULS is a global open source and community-driven project. In order to ensure the efficient development for different developers and the high quality of NULS code repository, the development team has further standardized the development of interfaces, scripts, protocols, tools, etc.

Validation Criteria

1. Capable of using all functions of Linux wallet, such as account creation, import, transfer and node creation, etc.

2. Capable of building a blockchain based on NULS2.0 core modules

3. Capable of building a blockchain with business modules

Completed Features

1. General blockchain functions

2, NVM concurrent array

3. Smart contracts

4. Microservice architecture

5. Multi-chain extension protocols and interfaces

6. Cross-chain extension protocols and interfaces

6. NULS2.0 blockchain explorer

Upcoming Features

The following is expected in the next Alpha release:

1. Docking with NULSTAR

2. Multi-chain

3, Cross-chain

4. Performance optimization

5. NULS2.0 wallet

Additional Testing Tool

NULS2.0 takes the complexity of blockchain testing into consideration at the beginning of the design. In order to make it easier to test, the core team has developed a test tool for key businesses that can test the code. The functions cover account management, transaction processing, block processing, consensus and other core blockchain businesses.

Test Invitation

This closed test only provides the Linux version. A certain number of domestic and foreign developers and partners will be invited to participate in this internal test. (It will be better if the developer knows Linux) In order to better ensure the problem feedback and cooperation during the internal test, we have created a special telegram group and WeChat group. Please join the group in advance to obtain timely information during the internal test.

>For Developers

Telegram Group:

>For Business Partners


For business partner

Documentation Portal:

Test Steps


The NULS2.0 Alpha v1.0 is the first internal-testing release, and there is still much left to be improved, where the instability is a possibility. We have invited certain developers and partners at home and abroad to jointly carry out the test. The NULS core team hopes to achieve both the basic goals and a comprehensive self-testing to ensure the security and stability of NULS2.0 after its official launch.

Better to run than to curse the road.

NULS Core Team: #Nulsdeep and no sleep till adoption.

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