Calling all NULS Ambassador Candidates for October December and November 2020

NULS is a community driven project and the Ambassadorship is our flagship program to support individuals passionate about NULS in their local Regions. It is our way of incentivizing, rewarding and recognising individuals that want to get involved to do more and go above and beyond for NULS.
You’ll get to work with people all over the world that are as passionate about NULS as you!

The process

1.Submit your work plan and October November and December with a detailed breakdown of tasks and activities that you will set out to achieve each month if elected as an Ambassador for your Region as a post in the https:// forum for discussion and awareness.

2. Communicate your plan, answer any questions from the community and garner support for your Ambassadorship on Telegram, WeChat and other social media platforms.

3. After 15 days of discussion and no objections (planned re-election ambassadors will discuss 7 days), the community Councillor review and submit your application for community voting.

4. If you’re elected, create a node and name it (Country_Ambassador). Set the commission rate to 80%. The NULS Foundation will stake 200,000 NULS in your node to get it into consensus.

5. As an Ambassador you will need to have your own 20,000 NULS as collateral to create the Ambassador node and it will be your responsibility to maintain its uptime and ensure that it is upgraded.

The Portuguese ambassador Joao’s node commission is 500,000 NULS. If you have more business development needs, please submit a proposal in the forum to increase support.

Half of the monthly rewards generated by the ambassador node are used as incentives for the ambassador, and the other half are used for the development of the ambassador role. This part of the funds needs to show the usage details to the community in the ambassador work report.

Governance & Framework
Here is the link to ongoing NIP (NULS Improvement Proposal) as detailed information for potential and existing Ambassadors.


1.Sending news and events from NULS to the community in local languages on time.

2. A fortnightly phone call briefing between all Ambassadors and Operations Director.

3. A monthly report of activities and achievements as measured to your work plan communicated to the NULS community as a detailed post on https://

4. Be vocal in Telegram and social media, you are a community representative of NULS!

5. Be honest, transparent and answerable to the NULS Community. Remember, the community is supporting your enthusiasm through its vote of confidence and funding!

Feel free to reach out to NULS on Telegram or WeChat for more information or if you have any questions.
Good luck!

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