Celebrating NULS’s 6th Anniversary with 10,000 NULS Giveaway

2 min readSep 26, 2023


Happy 6th anniversary, NULS!

To celebrate NULS’s 6th anniversary and give back to the community supporters, NULS is collaborating with Nabox Wallet to launch this 10,000 $NULS giveaway to 500 winners. This giveaway will last till October 7th.

You can easily participate in this grand giveaway by completing the required tasks on Nabox ID, keep reading to understand the facts and rules of the giveaway.

How to participate

To participate, you should finish the following tasks on Nabox ID according to the steps below. Task link: https://id.nabox.io/task/169

1 Follow NULS on Twitter

2 Retweet this tweet

3 Join NULS Discord group

4 Interact with a NULS ecosystem dApp

Make a transaction on a NULS/ENULS ecosystem dApp and submit the transaction hash, you might choose one of the following 3 dApps to participate:

  • NerveSwap


  • PheasantSwap


  • Nulswap


Submit the transaction hash on Nabox ID:

5 Create a tweet and submit the tweet link on Nabox ID

Post a tweet with the #NULS hashtag, the tweet you create must contain a NULS-related element, which could either be a NULS logo or the NULS slogan.

This giveaway will end on October 7th, the winners will be selected by a random draw and announced within 5 workdays after the event comes to an end. Now participate in the giveaway! Good luck!

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