Chain Factory Crushes Barriers to Adoption with “No Developers, No Coding” Interface Allowing Instant Creation of Customized Blockchains

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On November 11, 2019, the NULS core team released Chain Factory, a solution that delivers blockchain creation directly into the hands of everyday users. In addition to unparalleled simplicity and accessibility for chain-building, Chain Factory also offers rare conveniences that show off the NULS technical team’s ability to maximize the efficiency of modular architecture based on microservices.

Chain Factory is a zero-threshold solution that encapsulates and standardizes the underlying technology of blockchain, breaking the barriers to adoption with a simple graphical user interface that makes blockchain creation available to everyday users who have no development or coding knowledge.

In addition to chain creation, Chain Factory provides high quality tooling which comes standard with any chain through various modules, including a public service module that provides wallet, explorer and other data query services. In future versions, a marketplace will be offered so that developers can sell their closed-source, modules and individuals and buyers can make offers for specific modules to be developed and purchased. Chain Factory users can also select modules from an array of open-source options for any number of business or application requirements.

After selecting the desired modules, users only need to configure a few personalized options, fill in their parameters, genesis block preferences, and provide IP information to create their chain instantly. Added modules and functionality are only one click away, with automatic downloading and deployment. Modules begin to run instantly on-chain without interfering with any other functionality, and requiring zero development or coding.

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The initial release of Chain Factory also provides an optional cross-chain module, allowing enhanced ecosystem functionality through the use of interchain swaps for value and asset circulation throughout the NULS ecosystem.

The NULS core team continues to work on enriching the storehouse of available modules. Many remain in stealth mode while under development. The module management system of Chain Factory is built to organize and manage a rich warehouse of solutions, which the team expects to expand rapidly by rewarding developers for their contributions. The module management system will allow users to choose from a large selection of modules for any number of business or application scenarios, such as supply chain modules, oracle data modules, staking modules, DEX transaction modules, account permissions modules, anonymous privacy modules, traceability certificate modules, and various consensus mechanism modules.

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After two years of relentless effort, the NULS core team has now completed the majority of it’s roadmap. A new roadmap is on its way to include even more innovative product solutions from the world’s most adaptive blockchain.

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