ChainBox — A Step-By Step Walkthrough Video For Developers

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See how easy it is to create your own application blockchain with ChainBox.

A few of our CCC members have created some videos to help other developers walk through the process of creating an application chain using our state-of-the-art blockchain building tool, ChainBox. The videos, created by Kathy Norman and Lou Pen of the NULS Code Craft Council are in both Chinese and English and last about 15–20 minutes each.

For the Chinese version click here.

If you’re a developer looking to build a blockchain for your dApp or application, or a developer participating in our 2019 Online Hackathon and want an easy video walk-through of how to use ChainBox to create your own blockchain, these videos are exactly what you need! Why spend all of your time building a blockchain when you can just build a solution or application, and let ChainBox do the rest?

For additional inquiries or instructions, please drop by our community channel on Telegram to get to know more about NULS — Nothing makes blockchain easier!

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Nothing Makes Blockchain Easier

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