Chain Factory: Limited Free Trial — Build Your Own Blockchain

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For a limited time NULS is offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to utilize Chain Factory to build their own blockchain at no cost.

Chain Factory ( is a blockchain development platform with an intuitive interface that allows users to select functional modules, configure optional modules, create tokens, set token supply and distribution, create genesis block, establish seed node(s) and download a custom blockchain.

Individuals and businesses can take advantage of the Chain Factory free trial simply by going to the Chain Factory page (, selecting “Free Chain Building” and completing the application.

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  • An intuitive user interface
  • A Block Explorer for your blockchain
  • Wallets
  • A consensus mechanism
  • Blockchain modules that run independently for plug and play
  • An application module warehouse to customize your chain
  • Node management software
  • Access to DApp market place
  • Your own blockchain downloaded, customized and configurable
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There are thousands of ways to use blockchain technology, but Chain Factory is the first tool that offers an opportunity to build and download your own chain.

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