Code Craft Council Expands, Adding Six Developers With the Arrival of NULS 2.0 Beta and ChainBox

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With the arrival of NULS 2.0 Beta and ChainBox on July 8th, the NULS technical community expands, adding six outstanding developers from around the world. NULS is pleased to welcome Kathy (Silicon Valley, USA), Long (China), Peak (China), Tudor (Australia), Nalex (Australia) and core team Product Manager, Pen (China) to our exclusive council of talented programmers.

The strength of NULS centers around the technical community. The CCC is the core driving force for NULS to continuously realize technological creativity, progress and expansion. The addition of six new CCC members provides powerful support for the development of NULS2.0 and continued expansion of the NULS suite of enterprise solutions.

NULS is pleased to introduce and congratulate the newest members of the Code Craft Council (CCC):

Kathy conducts speaking sessions and demonstration of smart contracts and dApps at NULS developers workshops, networking events, meet-ups and conferences in Silicon Valley. She also provides technical and business support to new potential partners. As an applications engineer with decades of experience, Kathy brings a wealth of industry expertise and leadership to the CCC.

  • Tudor, Full Stack Engineer-Australia

Full stack developer, specializing in front-end development, Tudor excels with a passion for entrepreneurship. With almost 10 years of experience in coding, and significant industry-specific experience in blockchain, he has developed various mobile & web apps, AR games, and smart contracts. Tudor has been involved in the NULS technical community since the beginning of 2019, when he began work on the mobile wallet and the nuls-js library.

  • Nalex, Motion Graphics Designer and Animations Expert-Australia

Nalex has been working in the multimedia industry for over 10 years. He has completed hundreds of projects for big and small clients from all over the world. After participating in a sticker and GIF bounty competition, his designs caught the attention of the community and team, and he was invited to work on several NULS projects, such as the main-net launch, staking tutorial videos, Twitter campaigns, designs for media and press releases, monthly progress videos, interview videos and edits, explainer videos, website graphic design, and a vast array of marketing materials. Nalex contributions over the past year have been substantial to the NULS community.

  • Long, JAVA Engineer-China

An expert in the development of smart contracts, Long completed the development and testing of two versions of POCM (Proof of Credit Mining)smart contracts. He also contributed to the smart contract development platform construction, maintaining and developing the RESTful API, and smart contract-related programming.

  • Peak, JAVA Engineer-China

Responsible for the development of the ledger module, in cooperation with Edward, Peak is currently working on research and development for the NULS Bancor protocol integration. His work in the future will focus mainly on the ecological development of NULS technology.

  • Pen, Product Manager-China

Pen has been working with the NULS core team for nearly a year, and was responsible for the research and design of various NULS wallets and explorers, Chain Factory, website 2.0, and other products and developer solutions. Pen will continue to be responsible for NULS-related product design work.

Big thanks and congratulations to our newest CCC members. We are all looking forward to the 8th of July release of NULS 2.0 and ChainBox, our out of-the-box blockchain solution that helps developers with no direct blockchain experience create their own chain in as little as ten minutes.

#NULSDEEP and no sleep till adoption.

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