Connect your Wallet and Stake in a NULS SCO Project

4 min readOct 9, 2021


There are two ways to connect your wallet (NULS Account) to the NULS staking platform.

  1. Connect via the NULS wallet (
  2. Connect via the Chrome Extension Nabox.

Connect via the NULS wallet (

  1. Go to
  2. Import your NULS account into the Wallet, using the keystore or private key.

3. After successfully importing your NULS account, select Application.

4. Select the POCM (SCO platform) Application, by clicking on Go.

5. The NULS wallet and the SCO platform connect, and with the POCM platform. In a new window, the SCO platform opens, identified with the URL

Go to the section “Staking in a NULS SCO Project”.

Connect via the Chrome Extension Nabox.

  1. Ensure that you have the latest Nabox version (1.0.15). The version is displayed in the Nabox settings.

2. Import your NULS account into Nabox. Select an undefined account. Nabox will open a window so you can import or create an account.

3. Nabox will hold accounts from different chains, and multiple accounts from each chain. You need to specify the account you are using and the chain. Make sure you have selected the right NULS account and the NULS logo in the sidebar.

4. Open the SCO staking platform: Select Connect Wallet.

5. The Nabox wallet and the SCO platform have connected. Proceed with step 6 in “Staking in a NULS SCO Project.”

Staking in a NULS SCO Project

6. In the new window, locate and open the User Center. Hover your mount for the head and shoulders icon. A menu will appear. Select User Center.

7. In the User Center your account and balance are displayed. The My Project option is the most frequently used option. “My Project” shows you all the projects you are currently staked in, the tokens you have received, and the tokens that are available for you to receive.

8. Select Select Project to go to the list of Projects available for staking.

9. Scroll down to select the project that you are interested in.

10. For this example, the project DNFT Protocol has been selected. To stake, enter the amount of NULS. Each project has a minimum staking amount. Read the user agreement and then check the box indicating that you have read the agreement. You are ready to stake. Select Participate POCM.

11. Enter your password.

12. Your staking information will be displayed using the My Project option. After staking, you may need to wait a few minutes for the information to be displayed.

13. Happy Staking!




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