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Dear NULS community,

As part of our on-going drive to improve the operational efficiency and user experience of our wallet, we would like to announce a new test-net wallet.

A test-net (v1.0.1-BETA) wallet will launch today, July 30th at 5pm Singapore time (10am London, GMT+8).

To participate in testing, please go to Github to download >>

We plan to fully test this version before releasing it as a NULS Main-Net wallet. This will ensure that the wallet is stable and offers a smooth and user-friendly experience.

We would appreciate if you could join the test and provide us with your feedback!

Note: The NULS Test-Net v1.0.1-BETA is not compatible with data from previous test-nets. Please create a new account.

What Has Changed

1. Fixed the bug of unable to synchronize blocks in some cases;

2. Fixed the bug of unable to generate blocks throughout the whole network;

3. Optimize node-to-node connection processing logic;

4. Solved the problem of local balance miscalculation in some cases;

5. Solved the problem of duplicated transaction information in some cases;

6. Revised the user interface: notification of keeping backups when creating accounts; time localized; the feature of ending the system added; remark settings on account added;

7. Now when the optimization of transactions are not confirmed, users get the block height in the transaction list interface;

8. Optimized part of the cmd output format;

9. Solved the problem of miscalculated statistical data in some cases;

10. Fixed the bug of unable to launch the wallet in some environment;

11. Now supports bulk import and export;

12. Improved the stability of consensus.

Extra Information

1. Please read the wallet operation manual and the “readme.txt” document in the client end for NULS test version.

2. The Test-Net wallet is NOT the Main-Net wallet. Please do not confuse the two.

3. If you want to participate in testing, add the WeChat account: nulsio and apply for some test tokens.

4. Test tokens are only for the purpose of testing and have no real value.

Thanks for your support!

The NULS Team

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