Dec 18th, 2018: Welcome to the NULS bi-monthly progress update.

7 min readDec 19, 2018

Dec 18th, 2018: Welcome to the NULS bi-monthly progress update.

See what NULS has achieved in the past two weeks:

Technology Progress

1. Node Wallet

  • The NULS main-net wallet v1.1.5 has been released, which focuses on the stability of network and block synchronization, reducing the chance of fork and the risk of yellow card penalty due to fork.
  • The technical team optimized the memory management, the network transmission mechanism, and block download mechanism, and launched the v1.1.6-beta of the node wallet to the test-net.

2. NULS 2.0

  • The network module and the block management module begin to enter the joint debugging phase, and are currently in the state of debugging and solving the issues.
  • The RPC tool is now stable after the refactor.
  • The internal functions of the chain management module have been completed and the self-test is done.
  • The internal functions of the consensus module have been completed and the self-test is done.
  • The transaction management module begins batch processing of transactions.

3. Blockchain Explorer

  • The new explorer has completed two rounds of product reviews and will launch iterative development in mid-December. The new version optimizes the UI design and adds more consensus data display, such as the forging-round information, the next forging time and the delegate-address details of each node, as well as the optimization of the query of the transaction, block, address, etc. Users can get the data they want more quickly through the explorer.

4. New Wallet

  • The product research and design of the new wallet have been completed, and the product review will be launched soon. The new wallet comes in three versions: Web, Desktop Lite, and Desktop Full. With the Desktop Lite, there is no need to download the complete block data to access the wallet through the client for users, which improves the access efficiency. At the same time, the three versions will adopt a unified UI design to facilitate team maintenance and reduce the user’s learning cost. In addition, with the new version of the wallet, users can easily switch the corresponding server address. In case of the issue occurring in the official server, users can switch the address to connect to other nodes to use the wallet normally and avoid any impact.

5. NIP

  • The first draft of NIP (NULS Improvement Proposal) has been completed and is undergoing an internal review. NIP, a design document, stands for NULS-related improvement proposals. The core protocols, interfaces, standards, and information related to NULS need to reach consensus in the community through the NIP process before they can be recognized.

6. Official Website

  • The official website has been updated to v1.3.0, which changes the display structure of the Wallet page, and classifies the wallet into three types: Desktop, APP, and Web Wallet. Meanwhile, tips and explanations for the third-party and community developers’ wallets are provided to help users make better choices.

7. DApp

  • The Red Packet DApp has been included in the product planning. Its design is expected to start in mid-December. After the completion of the Red Packet DApp, users can distribute the NULS red packet through the application.

Technical Community Progress

CCC (Code Craft Council) Progress

  • Continuously invite Southeast Asian developers to join the NULS technical community, and new developers have joined the NULS technical community one after another.
  • Nadar, an Indian developer who wants to develop a smart contract for NULS, has now established contact with Naveen and started work on it.
  • Berzeck, CCC member, Davi, NULS core technical team member and Lambda, NULS technical community member, continue to work together on the development of NULS2.0 C++ version.
  • CCC members Moshe, Berzeck, Josh, Edward, Naveen and Claudio have submitted their work progress for November in the community. You can check the relevant reports and make corresponding comments on the forum.
  • CCC member Moshe released the earliest DApp of NULS for voting. >Check it out HERE (

Business and Community

Business & Community Events

  • From Dec. 4th to 5th, NULS COO Isaac Kim was invited to attend the Blockchain Opportunity Summit in New York and shared as one of the key speakers. The conference focused on how to benefit from the blockchain technology and produce practical products and applications. For more information, please click HERE
Isaac Kim, NULS COO presented at the Blockchain Opportunity Summit
  • At 18:00 (PST) on Dec. 10th, the Opening Ceremony cum the Silicon Valley Dinner of the NULS Foundation (USA) was held in San Jose, California. We invited nearly 100 guests from Apple, NASA, MIT, Metlife, and other major companies/institutions in Silicon Valley to attend this event. Liesa Huang, CEO of NULS Core Team, COO Isaac Kim, David Wasson and Omar Elmir, Regional Directors, James Barnes, Senior Director of Marketing, and Jay, American Ambassador of NULS, attended the opening ceremony and had in-depth communication with locally traditional and emerging technology companies in the United States with the intention to introduce NULS and blockchain technology to more interested parties, explore the prospects of blockchain business, and create opportunities for cooperation. For more information, please click HERE
Liesa (NULS)
Kent Makishima (ZS Blockchain)
Andrew Hogue (Ping Sky Group)
  • On Dec. 10th (PST), NULS announced a new partnership with Pink Sky Group at the Opening Ceremony cum the Silicon Valley Dinner of the NULS Foundation (USA) held in San Jose, California. With the help of our partners, we will continue to focus on developing strategic business in the United States. For more information, please click HERE
  • NULS has joined the Hong Kong Blockchain Association (HKBA). In the current new economic environment, Hong Kong has advantages in policy, international environment and capitals, and accumulated a large supply of capital reserves, as well as scientific and technological strength. Hong Kong will become a new platform for NULS to access more advantageous resources, whose vigorous development of blockchain industry is worth expecting. For more information, please click HERE
  • NULS has officially joined the global Graphene Blockchain Application Center (GBAC) and serves as the governing body. For more information, please click HERE
  • NCG 20181207, NULS Community Charter (Discussion Draft), has been released to better promote the benign operation of the NULS community and achieve NULS’s vision of making blockchain technology simpler. The NULS community will continue to explore and implement NULS community autonomy to achieve NULS project autonomy and self-evolution.
  • The ambassador election in the first quarter of 2019 has started, where the US ambassadors are far ahead, and the Portuguese and Spanish ambassadors are in hot pursuit. The voting is still in progress and everyone could check the progress through the voting tool.> Details
  • The British Ambassador introduced the cooperation between NULS and Pink Sky, a security hosting company on Youtube.
  • The Portuguese Ambassador shared his stories with NULS on Youtube, who established the Portuguese and Brazilian communities and plans to do more. >WATCH NOW
  • Russian blogger focusing on encryption introduced NULS on Youtube. >WATCH NOW
  • NULS held a Christmas giveaway on social media Instagram and Weibo, to wish each NULS community member have an amazing Christmas.

Exchanges and Wallets

  • Huobi Global and Huobi Korea have respectively launched NULS on Dec. 13 and Dec. 14. Now the deposits and NULS/BTC and NULS/ETH trading are available. For more information, please click HERE
  • The AnyBit wallet has officially included NULS. AnyBit is a secure and powerful mobile wallet. The private key never uploads to the server, ensuring the security of the user’s assets. AnyBit can become your NULS manager.
  • NULS listed on SimpleSwap, which is an easy way to get some NULS.

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