DeFi and Staking within NULS Ecosystem

Participate in Various DeFi-Protocols in NULS Ecosystem

4 min readSep 17, 2023

The emergence of ENULS has significantly enhanced the development of the NULS ecosystem, enabling seamless migration of other DeFi protocols into the NULS ecosystem. Additionally, the growth of NULS TVL on these decentralized exchanges has increased NULS’ deflationary characteristics. These DeFi protocols also offer NULS holders a wider range of staking options. Let’s find out who they are and the staking options they offer!


Nulswap is a fully on-chain, decentralized exchange running on NULS, a high-performance, scalable, and crosschain public blockchain. On Nulswap, users are able to trade the most popular NRC20 assets and crosschain assets.

  • Feature: Nulswap aiNULS Staking

Recently, Nulswap released its aiNULS staking feature, also known as, Artificial Intelligence Liquidity Staking, which is a novel concept that provides increased token utility for staked tokens. It allows users to engage in additional DeFi activities using derivatives of staked tokens.

Currently, aiNULS has attracted 1379408 NULS to contribute to this protocol within a few months of launching. By staking, users earn an APR of 7.86% (NULS) and 3.16% (NSWAP).

Stake on aiNULS :

Understand aiNULS :

Watertiger Finance

WaterTiger is a sustainable and decentralized yield Farming running on NULS, and was founded to foster the growth of NULS DeFi ecosystem.

How to farm:


PheasantSwap is a trustworthy decentralized multi-chain exchange, that can achieve fast, low-cost, efficient, infinitely scalable, and decentralized trading through NULS parallel chains and cross-chain technology solutions. PheasantSwap has supported 3 blockchains: ENULS, Linea, and Base blockchain.

TVL on PheasantSwap (ENULS) has reached $325,800
  • PheasantSwap Farm

On PheasantSwap farm, you can stake NULS-USDTN LP to earn NULS assets with an APR of 21.14%.

Stake to earn today:


NerveNetwork is created by NULS chainbox technology, aims to connect all isolated blockchains, and establish a cross-chain asset exchange network. Serving as a crosschain relay network, Nerve’s service contains NerveBridge, NerveSwap, and NerveFarm.

NerveNetwork offers Nerve consensus staking and NerveSwap LP farming:

  • Stake on Nerve consensus

Nerve consensus offers various staking options, where you can stake:

NVT to earn NVT 3.56%

NVT-USDTN LP to earn NVT 35.6%

NVT-NULS LP to earn NVT 35.6%

NVT-BNB LP to earn NVT 35.6%

NVT-ETHN LP to earn NVT 35.6%

  • Stake on NerveFarm

NerveFarm is where you can stake NULS LP assets to earn NULS and other assets:



NABOX_NULS LP to earn NULS 27%

NULS_USDTN LP to earn NULS 21%

BRG_NULS LP to earn BRG 0.03%


SwapBox is a cross-chain swap tool that integrates with multiple pools from both Layer 1 and Layer 2. SwapBox is developed by Nabox Wallet, featured in crosschain, cross chain-swap, L1/L2 farms, etc.

SwapBox has 5 features, which include Swap, L1 Farm, Layer 1, Liquidity, and L2 Farm.

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