Demission Announcement

Essam Elimir, NULS English Community Manager, has recently been involved in a private property dispute. To avoid affecting the reputation of the NULS project, Essam himself proposes to resign from the NULS team after careful consideration, effective immediately.

The NULS team hereby solemnly declares that this is a private incident, which has nothing to do with the NULS team. Essam shall negotiate with the other party on his own.

Since its establishment, the NULS team has always required all staff to uphold the principle of trust and sincerity, to observe disciplines and obey laws. It is believed that the incident will be properly resolved. Also, the NULS team will pay close attention to the incident and try to assist if necessary.

The NULS team sincerely appreciates Essam’s efforts and contributions to the community development of the NULS project. We also hope Essam will return to the team after dealing with the incident in a satisfactory manner.

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