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4 min readMay 7, 2024

DeFi protocols are essential in the crypto world, staking makes perfect sense in a decentralized blockchain. NULS, as proof of stake blockchain, offers NULS holders various staking options. In the following content, you will be led to the most user-friendly staking app that generates the most revenue. We will cover the simplest single-coin staking and a little advanced liquidity staking in this article.

Stake NULS on main-net to secure the network

Our award-winning Proof of Credit (PoC) consensus mechanism secures the NULS network by combining Delegated Proof of Stake with an added credit rating feature. Earn NULS by staking into a node or operating a NULS master node. A user who earns rewards by delegating their NULS into a NULS node, the node owner shares 10% of the user's total earnings as commission.

The NULS staking App

Earn 9.88% APR by staking your NULS on the main-net

NULS SCO Staking Platform

The SCO platform allows NULS-based projects to issue and distribute tokens safely to NULS holders using the POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) smart-contract blockchains.

Holding any NULS? Simply stake into a project’s nodes and earn their token as rewards, while the project earns NULS as rewards. Projects can use the NULS consensus rewards to bootstrap and help fund development. Unlike IEOs and ICOs, stakers never risk their principal, and NULS never leave their wallet. Earn project tokens without risk while your device is off!

Since the POCM product was launched, NULS has reached SCO partnerships with hundreds of projects from multiple blockchains, the cross-chain technology of our partner NerveNetwork, makes everything possible. In the NULS POCM staking app, you can easily earn a variety of project tokens from different blockchains simply by staking NULS, and participate in early investment in projects with no risk. Facts have proved that our SCO staking has already generated decent profits for many NULS holders who participated in the right projects.

Select a project and start to earn

NULS POCM staking options

Nulswap AI staking

Nulswap is a fully on-chain, decentralized exchange running on NULS, a high-performance, scalable, and crosschain public blockchain. On Nulswap, users are able to trade the most popular NRC20 assets & crosschain assets and earn passive incomes by staking.

Nulswap AI staking

On Nulswap, you can:

Stake NULS to earn $NULS (APR 9.88%)

Stake NULS to earn $NSWAP and $NULS(APR 9.88% + 2.84% )

NerveNetwork Mainnet Staking

NerveNetwork is created by NULS chainbox technology, aims to connect all isolated blockchains, and establish a cross-chain asset exchange network. Serving as a crosschain relay network, Nerve’s service contains NerveBridge, NerveSwap, and NerveFarm.

NerveNetwork offers Nerve consensus staking and NerveSwap LP farming:

NerveNetwork consensus staking

Nerve consensus offers various staking options, where you can stake:

NVT-USDTN LP to earn NVT (APR 28.41%)

NVT-NULS LP to earn NVT (APR 28.41%)

NVT-BNB LP to earn NVT (APR 28.41%)

NVT-ETHN LP to earn NVT (APR 28.41%)

NerveSwap staking

Stake NVT-REI LP to earn REI (APR 72.51%)

Stake NULS-NABOX to earn NULS (32.96%)

Stake NULS-USDTN to earn NULS (31.42%)

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