ENULS Mainnet is Now Live

A Layer2 EVM—compatible Network, ENULS is now activated

3 min readFeb 15, 2023

We‘re pleased to announce that the long-awaited ENULS main net was officially released on Feb 15th at 10:00 (UTC+8).

At present, NULS has launched its ecosystem ignition proposal, which aims to attract more developers to build the ecosystem in a more innovative, sustainable way. The ENULS ecosystem projects: CUBISwap, Coinhub Wallet, NerveNetwork, Wormhole3, Nabox’s Swapbox, Bridge Oracle, MathWallet Official, etc, are currently being integrated.

What is ENULS

ENULS, initiated by the NULS community, is a blockchain that is fully compatible with EVM and Web3 API interfaces. ENULS uses the NULS as the main asset in its network. The contract assets and chain assets from NULS can also be bridged to the ENULS network.

ENULS can be also seen as a layer2 scaling solution for Ethereum that brings better performance and lower gas-fee cost. Meanwhile, ENULS blockchain will also be supporting the efficient deployment of the Ethereum ecosystem projects.

The cross-chain capability from NULS’s sidechain — NerveNetwork, will empower assets from ENULS to be transferred & interacted with multi-chains, such as Ethereum, BSC, Optimism, Arbitrum, Zksync, Tron, etc.

Add ENULS network to your web3 wallet

Set up ENULS using Nabox Wallet

Set up ENULS using Metamask Wallet

ENULS is supported by Coinhub Wallet, MathWallet Official, The ONTO Team, Nabox, and any EVM — friendly wallets.

ENULS is multichain friendly and connected with 20+ blockchains using its ecosystem cross-chain bridge — NerveBridge. Any supported assets can be transferred to ENULS.

Cross-chain implements for major blockchain underlying assets have been completed. The following are the smart contracts of these assets on ENULS:

$WNULS: 0x217dffF57E3b855803CE88a1374C90759Ea071bD

$USDTN: 0x9e5d124cd49671f3f7b54d4aef43b3930bcf6de7

$USDCN: 0xb13bb925d62adc0ea0da95f70e7f7a09effd4f9e

$ETH: 0xf573632c60de84f30486555e5199911fbd00835d

$BNB: 0x70a07c8dce789d9cc249b3f816bdacd2bbed66cc

$AVAX: 0x275f8b996dca35bca02cf2edb0f883d83decabf0

$HT: 0x1853f95c1e21d6f43a667dd01f174bdf7828d4af

$OKT: 0x3a5b9a4fd8fcac2cf2b09bb69f15f0c4a2a34b10

$ONE: 0x6770b3ada065fe3e33d93de76ad22ead07d8c8d5

$MATIC: 0x39f36e05630ac18cd4cbc4a787f58fa280066208

$FTM: 0x21cd8e25a5504c55c26d0c2b84adffd3607e6d17

$KCS: 0x5ec1c7d67ab36532ecafa8464717a7b282a909b3

$TRX: 0x6949e317f000e07496654dc68fe252739ffcbc10

$IOTX: 0x3e1c9a9e67d00fc55c5e2be28ea00dadc15cc065

$CRO: 0x4ced4e629a0a314d5bae83f93edf80df5c2f13a1

$KAVA: 0xc27956fd894d7192892bfe8d215a5b25dc893da0

$METIS: 0x15be367243896393c097660e9c7a693ff3d9dedd

$KLAY: 0x518111b3d78a11ff076f23f24fda1fae93f1c32f

$NABOX: 0xd9bea2dff06366c84ac2654308c5be9cb8750889

$NVT: 0xCBE315d0163E372A82436F67C64097d6634394a9

If you have more assets demands on ENULS, free to submit a request & register an asset using the form below:

Co-build and share 120,000 ENULS ecosystem Airdrop

#1: Airdrop to NULS / ENULS Ecosystem Builders (60,000 NULS)

The incentive is open to projects already deployed on NULS / ENULS main net.

Rules of distributing:

Project information should be collected before the 15th of each month. All projects will be discussed by the NULS council members for final evaluation, the incentives will be distributed according to the weight of each project. After the evaluation is completed, the incentives shall be distributed to the project’s NULS / ENULS wallet on the 20th of each month. Each project is allowed to submit the proposal only once.

Submit your project https://forms.gle/zdPW2gKoEJf8s6iNA

#2: Early birds Airdrop (60,000 NULS)

Open to users that interact with projects deployed on ENULS test-net / main-net.


Airdrop rules: Airdrop to early ecosystem participants monthly, each user can only submit the form only once.

Information/Tasks required:

  1. Follow NULS’s Twitter
  2. Join the NULS Discord channel
  3. Submit interaction info https://forms.gle/Ao7c8FAgqY5z4iWeA

To avoid bots participants, the early bird bonus will only be Airdrop to these address that has BAB token, meanwhile, we will take measures to exclude single user with multiple entries.

How to get BAB token?

1. Register a Binance Account.

2. Verify your identity.

3. Enter “More” on the home page and find “BABT” on “Gift & Campaign”.

4. Get your BAB Token in 4 steps.

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