Explore ENULS dApps to Share 30,000 NULS Airdrop (Round 2)

4 min readApr 20, 2023


Since the launch of ENULS main net 2 months ago, many projects have joined the ENULS ecosystem. We witnessed how rapidly the ENULS ecosystem has grown!

Nervebridge has deployed the first cross-chain bridge on ENULS, enabling seamless asset transactions within 23 supported networks. The first decentralized exchange on the ENULS ecosystem, PheasantSwap, also officially launched this month, and was supported by the NULS community fund through a proposal initiated in the NULS forum. The ENULS ecosystem domain services provider, ENULSID, will be launching their dApp within weeks. SwapBox, a multichain aggregator has launched on ENULS. The first web3 curation platform Wormhole3 joined the firm. NFTs are being traded on Ivy Market and Nftcircle.io. what is happening within ENULS ecosystem will continue to hatch up and surprise us in the foreseeable future.

Speaking of the NULS ecosystem Airdrop, the 1st round of NULS ecosystem airdrop (30,000 NULS) has ended last month, and we rewarded the community users who interacted with the ENULS testnet. Now the chance comes again, the 2nd round airdrop (30,000 NULS) will be used to reward those who interact with the ENULS mainnet dApps. Just simply join our community, interact with ENULS ecosystem dApps, and submit the form to participate!

The 2nd round of Airdrop will be distributed before June 15th, and all eligible winners will be announced before June 10th.

Step 1: Join our community

NULS Discord channel: https://t.me/Nulsio

NULS Telegran Channel: https://discord.com/invite/aRCwbj47WN

Step 2: Interact with ENULS Ecosystem dApps

Many dApps are available in the ecosystem for you to interact with, for example:

PheasantSwap is the first decentralized exchange built within ENULS blockchain, they have also launched the first farming pool where users can stake NULS-USDTN LP to earn NULS.

Stake to earn NULS at https://pheasantswap.com/farms, you can also read this Staking Guide released by PheasantSwap officials to learn how to participate.

Besides staking, their “Swap” feature is also available to use, you can trade NULS, NVT, USDTN, etc, such assets within their swap.

Swap assets in PheasantSwap: https://pheasantswap.com/swap

Add liquidity on PheasantSwap:https://pheasantswap.com/liquidity

Yield farming on PheasantSwap: https://pheasantswap.com/farms

NerveNetwork is crosschain service provider in ENULS ecosystem, allowing users to seamlessly bridge asserts from ENULS to other supported networks. If you want to take a tour of ENULS ecosystem, you might need to bridge some NULS tokens from NULS native to ENULS, and here is how:

  1. Connect to NerveBridge with your NULS wallet.
  2. Select “ENULS” network as your target chain
  3. Enter “amount”
  4. Click “Next”, and use your password to confirm.

Your transaction will be approved within 2–3 minutes.

  • SwapBox

SwapBox is a powerful tool developed by a NULS ecosystem multi-chain wallet, featured in swap, crosschain-swap, and crosschain. You can use SwapBox to deposit stablecoin (currently only supporting USDT assets) from mainstream layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains to ENULS.

If you intend to participate in ENULS DeFi farming and you don’t know how to transfer your USDTN from, let’s say BNB Chain and Polygon, as those are one of the most gas-friendly networks, to ENULS.

SwapBox is here to complete the mission :

  1. Visit SwapBox: https://swapbox.nabox.io/swap, and connect to your BSC address.
  2. Click “Liquidity”
  3. Choose “USDT Pool”
  4. Deposit “USDT” from BSC to ENULS
  5. Click “Confirm”

Your transaction will be approved within 2–3 minutes.

In the article, we briefly introduced a few dApps in ENULS ecosystem, in fact, your choices are many. Head to our ecosystem page https://nuls.io/ecosystem/ to discover more dApps.

Step 3: Submit your info in the form

Once you have competed the previous 2 steps, now submitting the form is the last thing to do! Head to https://forms.gle/QBA5tXZqrwCDGMa26 to fill out some information, info required includes:

  • Your Twitter account.
  • Your Discord account.
  • Your BSC address.
  • Transaction hash.
  • Your NULS address.

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