February, 2019: Welcome to the NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update:20,000 New Members Join in the NULS Huobi Chat in the Spring Festival Event

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Chinese team spent Lunar New Year about a week. But the blockchain world never stops. What’s the latest news in the first half of February 2019? Let’s find out together!

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  1. NULS 1.0
  • The test-net v1.1.7-beta2 has been launched, which adds random number support.
  • The test-net v1.2.0-beta1 has been launched on the test-net, improving the random number function.

2. NULS 2.0

  • The current focus of NULS 2.0 is still on the debugging of the basic chain function, which requires more time to test and improve. Meanwhile, the cross-chain module begins to enter the development phase.

3. Blockchain Explorer

  • The development of the new explorer is in process, which is expected to enter the test phase next week, and be released at the end of the month.

4. White Paper 2.0

  • The English version of the White Paper 2.0 is being proofread. It is expected to be completed and finalized this week.

5. Structure Optimization

  • It is planned to optimize the current structure and information classification of nuls.community and NULS WeChat Official Account, and the structure optimization of WeChat Official Account has been completed.

6. Ecological Application

  • Think deeply about the NULS ecological application, and determine the product direction of the following ecological development with the idea of NULS eco-economic development.
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All CCC members have released their work reports for January 2019, which can be viewed on nuls.community. Subsequently, CCC members will submit their reports in the form of weekly reports.

  • Josh is working on the CCC’s Guideline, which is expected to be completed by the end of February.
  • Angel cooperates with the North American Regional Director in exploring and developing DAPP games.
  • Naveen cooperates with NULS Ambassador in the design and development of ATM module.
  • CCC member Josh, Moshe, Naveen, Claudio, Edward released the January report
  • Moshe has developed NULS Space, a decentralized blogging platform based on the NULS blockchain. >About NULS Space
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  • Happy New Year! NULS cooperates with Huobi to deliver wonderful gifts for the Spring Festival of 2019, bringing real benefits to the community members. Since listed on Huobi Global, it is NULS’s first promotion activity for community users, with 20,000 people joining in the NULS Huobi Chat.
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  • An essay event was launched for the Valentine’s Day. Lifelong love, Exhilarating NULS: Write and post the article to the NULS Space, and the story will be permanently stored on the blockchain. As long as the story reaches 520 words, you can participate in the lucky draw. Tell your story and win 52NULS. You can check out the story on https://nuls.space/t/214
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  • NULS will launch the ecological development plan, which will be in the charge of Jason Zhang, NULS Ecological Development Officer. >More Details
  • 500 NULS for the one @wisan: The best comment on the proposal for “Protocol Upgrading of NULS Main Network Supporting Random Numbers” has come out. @liesa, CEO of NULS core team, brought the additional bonus to community members personally in the interaction session of Binance Chinese Telegram. >More Details
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  • The first NULS developer workshop is scheduled to be held in our new office in San Jose, USA. Moshe, Penny, David, Angel and Kathy will all be present.
  • The first NULS ARCADE Group meeting was held on Feb. 12. Angelillou, David, Penny, Scott and Angell attended. The purpose of this working group is to establish a strategic and tactical approach to attract and build gaming and gambling dApps on NULS ecosystem.
  • NULS Produce Manager Pen Luo shared the topic about how to make a product (the 7th NULS Air Class)
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Proposal Related

  • The voting of the test-net proposal was completed, with 1,117,575 approvals.
  • The voting of the proposal for higher node reward output by Cladio CCC members, Naveen, Josh, Angel, Berzeck and Moshe was completed.
  • Community member @guanyu’s proposal requesting for community fund for his WeChat mini program (nulst): After a period of discussion and internal voting by the council (disapproval rating higher than 50%), the final result is not to support the application for the fee, please be informed.
  • The main reason is that the majority prefer not to establish a new forum.
  • African Ambassador @tinetien89 is requesting for NULS community fund to jointly sponsor and co-organize 3 events. Detailed speech draft for the first event is presented at the Forum.
  • Community members @ xiaoxin released a proposal asking for community fund to operate and promote the NULS fan site (hellonuls), for which council member @ Reaper officially initiated a vote.


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