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Easily explore the ENULS ecosystem with ONTO Wallet

3 min readMar 10, 2023

We’re pleased to share that ONTO Wallet now officially supports the ENULS main net. This integration marks the beginning of the partnership between The ONTO Team and NULS, by cooperating, we are aiming for higher targets, and providing the most user-friendly services and products to both NULS and ONTO communities.

We’re distributing the first batch of Airdrop on 20th March, total 30,000 NULS tokens up for grabs. The second batch of Airdrop, 30,000 NULS, will be distributed in June. Don’t miss it.

How to get the NULS airdrop within ONTO Wallet?

We have launched an ecosystem ignition proposal to attract users and developers participating in ENULS ecosystem. ENULS, as an EVM- compatible layer2 blockchain, is very friendly for any web3 users to interact with. We will give an example by making a transaction on NerveBridge.

To begin with, the followings are what you will need:

  • ONTO Wallet
  • NULS token (Bep20). You can get NULS from PancakeSwap or deposit NULS (Bep20) from Binance exchange to your current BSC address, then bridge your NULS token from BSC to ENULS on NerveBridge.
  • BNB token (Bep20) as the gas fee
  • NerveBridge

Interact with NerveBridge using ONTO Wallet

  1. Enter ONTO Wallet.
  2. Switch to BNB Chain.

3. Visit NerveBridge ( DApp.

4. Select ENULS blockchain as your target network.

6. Enter the amount of NULS you want to bridge, then click “Confirm”, and enter your password.

You can bridge any amount of NULS tokens in this step

7. Waiting for your transaction to be confirmed by NerveBridge. Once the transaction is confirmed, follow the instruction below, and find the transaction hash on ENULS explorer.

8. Last step: submit your transaction hash and other information on google form:, then you are all set! We will distribute the airdrop in the coming March to your ENULS address! Please note that each ENULS address can be awarded only once.

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