Goblins, Aeroplanes, DeFi, oh my!

4 min readOct 3, 2020

There is a buzz in the NULS community this week. With a flurry of new projects joining the ecosystem, it’s no wonder why more and more people are talking about NULS POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) or SCO (Staked coin output).

The excitement has been noticed on other platforms too, NULS has been seen trending as a hot search on coingecko.com

30 Sep 2020

To recap what POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) is, it’s a platform that allows projects to use smart contracts to issue and distribute project tokens on blockchains. Got NULS? Stake into a project’s nodes and earn their token as reward, while the project earns NULS as reward.


Earlier this week started off with a bang with goblinswap.org

Using NULS smart contracts GoblinSwap opened their “Arathi Mine” on September 29, 2020. GoblinSwap is a decentralized exchange platform, which includes amm, trading as mining and nonfungible tokens (NFT).

Goblin will be mined by pledging NULS to smart contracts, and a Goblin legion characters (NFT) will be given as a reward for miners.

Within 48 hours they acquired a huge amount of staked NULS totalling more than 8 Million tokens or the equivalent of more than $2 million. Tokens are locked until the 10th of October when GoblinSwap will officially come online.

October 10, 2020: GoblinSwap will come online.

October 10, 2020 — Goblin goes online Uniswap.

October 20, 2020 — NFT mine will come online.


The second project gaining a lot of attention this week is Earhart Solution. Launching only a few hours ago on NULS POCM, the SCO project has already gained a lot of investor interest with over 2 Million NULS staked into the project (at time of writing).

Earhart solution will use blockchain technology to ease the aviation business records, aircraft and personal certifications and aircraft information. Providing a reliable means to record information required by authorities and regulators, which will be immutable, reliable and tamper-proof. A new concept of Proof of Airworthiness will allow to monitor every action and provide in real time to all interested parts a view of the aircraft status

Want to stake NULS for EHT now? Follow the link below.


The last project gaining hype within the community is RAMP DeFi.

RAMP DeFi focuses on unlocking liquid capital from staked digital assets, allowing users to “recycle” staked capital without giving up their staking rewards or capital appreciation potential.

Recently they announced a public sale being held on 10th of October 2020. Each user who successfully KYC shall be entitled to purchase up to 500 USDT worth of RAMP.

Alternatively in this partnership with NULS, NULS users can expect to receive the following benefits through staking their tokens at a later date:

  1. Retain their NULS staking rewards;
  2. Retain capital gains potential on holding NULS;
  3. Gain access to liquid capital to invest into new opportunities without needing to inject additional capital; and
  4. Enhance staking yields and farm RAMP tokens by actively participating in the RAMP ecosystem.

RAMP DEFI and NULS will work closely on technical development of smart contracts powering the staking, minting and liquidation functions, and ensure that these smart contracts are secure for use by the NULS community.

With more and more projects joining the NULS ecosystem, projects can quickly set up nodes to tap into NULS consensus rewards to bootstrap and help fund their development.

More than just a token

The NULS token is more than just a store of value. NULS tokens are also used for community governance - the more you have the more weight you have in a vote.

Besides being able to be staked for additional NULS tokens, you can spread your holdings across multiple SCO projects and unlike IEOs and ICOs, stakers never risk their principal, and NULS never leave your wallet.

You can also stake on NerveNetwork to earn Nerve (NVT) as a reward instead. Best of all you can earn tokens while your device is off, with no additonal hardware required.

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