NULS Highlights - 2018 Bitfwd Sydney Blockathon

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Bitfwd 2018 Sydney Blockathon

Over the weekend, NULS was proud to sponsor the biggest blockathon event of the year in Australia: The Sydney blockathon, held at the Michael Crouch Innovation Center at the University of New South Wales. Where 12 teams of 5 competed for a total of $10,000+ in tokens, cash and prizes. NULS team members Omar and Essam, as well as CCC Member and tech guru Moshe, were also in attendance and provided support and guidance to blockathon participants.

The Bitfwd blockathon is a crypto-epic 72-hour competition which aims to tackle real-world problems by unleashing the potential of blockchain technologies. The event was created especially for cypherpunks, hardcore developers, crypto enthusiasts, and all blockchain pioneers who want to build and create new solutions for the decentralized future. NULS was a co-sponsor of the event alongside Ethereum’s Consensys, NEM, Huobi Australia and others.

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Reit Dao presenting

There was an amazing turnout and an extremely diverse group of participants. Ranging from all-girl groups to participants as young as 11 years old! With such a diverse range of participants, came a wealth of knowledge and unique ideas for the blockathon. Two notable projects decided to build on NULS, Reit Dao, equity unlock solution for homeowners, and Money Makers, a crypto lending platform.

CCC Member Moshe also ran a 30-minute workshop introducing NULS, explaining NULS 2.0, as well as how to write and deploy smart contracts. It was the first time that many of the participants had heard of NULS and there were many questions after the workshop. The team spent time responding to individuals and groups. Several developers wanted to know how they could become members of the CCC, and Moshe walked them through the process. Some have already joined our developer room and are discussing how they can contribute.

NULS team members were also in discussion with various project representatives on how we can work together to build a stronger blockchain ecosystem and continue to break down barriers to adoption. Projects included WEB3, Tenzorum, NEM Australia, Lighthouse, Ethereum 2.0 Developers and Loki.

Thank you to Bitfwd for hosting an amazing event from start to finish, all of the participants for your energy and innovative ideas, and all the individuals that came out to support. It was energizing to see so many in attendance, unphased by the current market conditions, and ready to build for us a brighter future!

NULS will continue to support local events, such as blockathon’s and workshops, to spread awareness, provide support to new and existing developers, and strengthen our CCC community.

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NULS workshop by CCC Member Moshe

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