How to Swap USDT From Multi-chains to NULS Network

4 min readJan 11, 2023


Today, stablecoins are mostly used for trading, lending, and borrowing crypto assets. They are a crucial facilitator of decentralized finance (DeFi) — financial services performed by applications on a permissionless blockchain.

The demand in this industry for stablecoins has been increasing greatly since uniswap, PancakeSwap, and more AMM protocols become mainstream. As one of the most critical assets, stablecoins are circulated in many blockchains we have heard. But in NULS blockchain, stablecoin is playing its role in a different form — USDTN, which originated from USDT.

USDTN — An synthetic stablecoin asset in NULS Blockchain

NULS ecosystem DApps are growing at a satisfactory speed over the past year. More and more DeFi applications, such as Nulswap NerveNetwork CUBISwap, are being built with NULS, in the meantime, the demand for stablecoins in NULS ecosystem increases.

Many users want to participate in the NULS ecosystem DeFi staking, but they have a question: How do I get USDTN? Well, I believe you will find the answer very soon!

SwapBox — The key to help you swap USDT from multi-chains to USDTN

SwapBox, developed by Nabox, a NULS ecosystem DeFi wallet, is a multichain liquidity aggregator backed by most mainstream decentralized exchanges. SwapBox is also a DApp that is compatible with NULS network.

SwapBox has 5 core features, which are Swap, L1 Farm, Layer2, Liquidity, and L2 Farm. Among these features, Liquidity is what helps us to obtain USDTN.

Use the “Liquidity” function of SwapBox to swap USDT from Multichains to USDTN

  1. Enter SwapBox, click the top-right menu, select “Liquidity”

2. After landing on the “Liquidity” page, find “USDT”, click “Deposit/Withdraw”

3. Swap USDT from your current blockchain for USDTN.

In order to successfully complete the action, make sure you have enough USDT assets on your current network, which can be Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, KCC, Avalanche, HecoChain, OKC, Tron, Nerve, Fantom, Harmony.

Select the amount of USDT you want to swap for USDTN(NULS), then select the receiving network — NULS. In fact, you have 7 options here, which are BNB Chain, HecoChain, OKC, Harmony, KCC, NULS, and NerveNetwork. You can choose wherever you want to swap according to your own demand.

Choose your receiving network as NULS blockchain, enter the amount of USDT you want to swap, click “Confirm”, enter your password, then you are all set! A tiny amount of NULS will be burned from your wallet as the gas fee, so make sure you have enough NULS assets on your wallet.

After swapping, Your USDTN will appear on your Nabox Wallet on NULS network.

You can now connect Nabox Wallet to the NULS ecosystem DeFi DApss and use USDTN(NULS) to participate in many yield farming.

How do we Swap USDTN to the original blockchain?

To swap Swap USDTN from NULS network to the original blockchain, we need to use the “Layer2” feature of SwapBox. Here is how :

Enter SwapBox, make sure you are in NULS network, click the top-right menu, select “Layer2”

Select assets “USDTN”, and enter the amount, click confirm.

After confirming, your USDTN asset will be transferred to NerveNetwork.

Last step, use SwapBox “Liquidity” feature to swap USDTN to your desired blockchains.

  1. Enter SwapBox, click the top-right menu, select “Liquidity”
  2. Select “Withdraw”
  3. Select assets — USDTN
  4. Select your desired target chain. For example, we will choose “BNB Chain” to demonstrate. In fact, you have more options here: Ethereum, OKC, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, etc.
  5. Click “Conform”

Note that this action requires certain NVT assets as gas fee.

Now we have successfully completed the swap! Let’s review what we have done:

  1. Use SwapBox “Liquidity” feature to deposit USDT assets from multi-chains to USDTN in NULS network
  2. Use SwapBox “Layer2” feature to Swap USDTN from NULS blockchain to NerveNetwork
  3. Use SwapBox “Liquidity” feature again, to withdraw USDTN from NerveNetwork to your desired blockchains, which can be the following: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, KCC, Avalanche, HecoChain, OKC, Tron, Nerve, Fantom, Harmony.

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