Jan 22th, 2019: Welcome to the NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update: NULS is Listed on the CCID’s 2018 Top 10 Public Blockchains in Creativity

The blockchain world never stops! See what NULS has achieved in the past two weeks:

1. NULS 2.0

2. Blockchain Explorer

3. New Wallet

4. NULS Documentation Portal

5. Node Wallet

NULS test-net wallet client v1.1.7-beta1 has been launched.

Technical Community Progress

CCC (Code Craft Council) Progress

The NULS technical community is a group of passionate and thoughtful developers. They will work together with the NULS core technical team to design and build the NULS’s underlying technology and blockchain applications. As the core team of NULS technical community, NULS CCC (CODE CRAFT COUNCIL) is composed of the world-wide top developers and plays an important role in the development of the NULS project.

NULSTAR/NULS 2.0 schedule

Business & Community Events

Node Profile — wichain_nuls. Shanghai WiChain Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a blockchain technology company focusing on the blockchain technology research and application R&D services, which is committed to providing safe, efficient and low-cost technical services and product services to blockchain technology enthusiasts and enterprises. The core members of the team consist of Liu Jialing (Cancer), the director of BitShares and the founder of WiChain, Jevon, the co-founder and CEO of WiChain , and Zheng Yushan (Dashan), the director of BitShares. The NULS node with ID 41EF889B and name wichain_nuls is currently running for election. It will contribute to the ecological construction of NULS. At present, the node has successfully started consensus.

On Jan. 9th, Pu Songtao, the header of CCID’s public blockchain project assessment, and Liesa, NULS CEO, discussed and shared the innovation implementation of the public blockchain, and released the “CCID’s 2018 Top 10 Public Blockchains in Creativity”. Meanwhile, Liesa accepted a profile with Shiliucaijing.com on topics related to blockchain innovation. Learn More

At 2:00 P.M. on Tuesday, January 10, 2019, the 13th Winner Block Investment and Financing Salon event was successfully held in Beijing, which is also the last event before the Spring Festival in 2019 by Winner Block. @Alicia, NULS Business Manager, was invited to attend the event, and shared NULS’s detailed introduction and core product with the attendees with the theme “NULS — Multi-language and Modular Chain Factory”. As the only project in China listed on the CCID’s 2018 Top 10 Public Blockchains in Creativity, NULS has won much praise for its leading technical concepts and solid technical foundation.

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