Jan 4th, 2019: Welcome to the NULS bi-monthly progress update.

It’s that time again. What has the team been doing in the second half of December 2018? Let’s check it out together!

Technology Progress

1. Node Wallet

  • The NULS main-net wallet v1.1.6 has been released, which optimizes memory management, network node discovery mechanism, network data transmission mechanism and block download mechanism.

2. NULS 2.0

  • The network module, block management module and consensus module are under joint debugging.
  • The transaction management module is expected to enter joint debugging in the first week of January.
  • The ledger management module is still under development.
  • Started the refactoring of api-server module, completed data parsing, realized mangoDB storage, and implemented the interface of front-end RPC.

3. Blockchain Explorer

  • The UI design has been completed and it is now in the development phase, which is expected to be completed by the end of January.

4. New Wallet

  • Two rounds of review have been completed. Currently, it is in the UI design phase, which is expected to be completed in mid-January. Compared with the old version, it is more convenient to view the consensus node. In addition, the web wallet, node wallet and light client share the same UI.

5. NIP

  • The revision work has been completed. Please check out the details in the Community section:

6. NULS Document Repository

  • It has been developed and is currently deployed on the intranet. It needs updates and supplements with basic documents before it is released.

7. White Paper Revision

  • According to the current technical development of NULS, we have preliminarily completed the revision of the white paper, which is still under improvement and is expected to be completed this month.

Technical Community Progress

CCC (Code Craft Council) Progress

Business & Community Events

  • The NULS Ambassador election has completed. Four ambassadors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Portugal won in the campaign. After 20 days of fierce campaign, the voting result of the NULS Ambassador’s election came out. According to the Ambassador’s election rules, 4 Ambassadors have been elected to server for the first quarter of 2019. The U.S. Ambassador @Jgatto ranked first with 3,129,046 votes, Portuguese Ambassador @Cristinh0 ranked second with 3,014,371 votes, UK Ambassador @ThatMartiniGuy ranked third with 2,979,377 votes, and Singapore Ambassador @juggerno ranked fourth with 2,167,466 votes. This poll totaled 16,814,668 votes out of 5,590,602.55NULS. According to the total circulation of NULS, the voting rate reaches about 12.42%.
  • NULS Election Exemplifies True Decentralized Blockchain Governance
  • Pen Luo, NULS Product Manager, was invited by CSDN’s Blockchain Lemon to write a technical analysis article -“Product disclosure: simultaneously supporting multiple public chains, the node wallet is developed in this way”. For more information, please click HERE.
  • On Dec. 15th, Cody Lan, Technology Manager of NULS Shanghai office, attended the high-end wine party -“Stars Plan”, organized by Shilian.com.
  • On Dec. 16th, Alicia Huang, Commercial & PR Department Director, was invited to attend the Ear Finance Blockchain Technology Conference China 2018.
  • NULS moves to the 6th place in CCID’s 8th issue of Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment. China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), under the Country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, announced the Center’s 8th update of its Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (GPBTAI) on Dec. 20. From the specific index, NULS has jumped up rapidly to the sixth position. In just four months, from #20 to #9 and then to #6, the NULS technology concept and technical strength have been fully recognized. As a new generation of public blockchain, NULS has outstanding performance in basic technology. For more information, please click HERE.
  • On Dec. 20th, Essam, NULS Community Manager in Australia & New Zealand, was invited to attend the AMA event of the Public Blockchain Alliance — “How to view the development of the public blockchain in 2018”. Essam mentioned that “community is the overriding part of the public blockchain ecosystem. If you develop a DApp or tool that no one uses, it’s worthless. First, you need to build your user base and delve into what products they need. It’s reasonable to operate in a public-chain way, which allows us to develop communities more easily, rather than providing services to individual companies. When blockchain technology is truly widely used in enterprises, more substantial changes will take place.”
  • On Dec. 22nd, Jason Zhang, NULS Founder, and Alicia Huang, Commercial & PR Department Director, were invited to attend the CSDN Blockchain Workshop on how to develop smart contracts and build with Java. At the workshop in Beijing, Jason shared the zero-based practical development of a smart contract.
  • Liesa, NULS Core Team CEO, took the interview of the CSDN’s Blockchain Lemon-“Late winter: Can the blockchain warm up?” Liesa believes that the rapid development of an industry in its early stage is bound to involve people with different purposes, and also incur various situations, which are normal phenomena. The global economy is in the downward trajectory in 2018, understandably, anxiety and uneasiness have been ubiquitous in the global economy body. Blockchain, a brand new industry, is still in the early stage of development. People involved may be more in a sense of crisis than those in other industries. Every coin has two sides. Usually, under such crisis awareness, more future directions will emerge. For more information, please click HERE.
  • NULS can now be found on the Bituniverse APP.
  • Coinmarketcap updated NULS information such as total supply and Circulating Supply etc. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nuls/ Thanks to NULS community member Eric for helping sort this out!
  • Overseas media Coincodex analyzed three major projects, including NULS, from Dec. 17 to 23, 2018.For more information, please click HERE.
  • Launched an interview to hear the voice in the Chinese community and talk about the shortcomings in the development of NULS. https://nuls.community/d/283-nuls-20181228
  • NULS community released a video presentation on the NULS development in December. This is a nice video from our community member Nalex.
  • Community member Nalex opened the online store for NULS peripheral products.
  • The African Ambassador released an introductory video in the Ambassador election to share his plan for the ambassador’s development.
  • Singapore NULS Ambassador Juggernot posted his December work report on the community forum HERE
  • South Korea YouTube blogger released the NULS introductory video, sharing the news that NULS has been listed on the Huobi Korea Station.
  • NIP1_NIP Purpose and Guidelines (NCG20181227) has been released tothe community. NIP represents the NULS Improvement Proposal. NIP is a design document that provides information to the NULS community about NULS-related improvement processes or new features. NIP authors are responsible for building consensus and recording different views within the community.
  • NIP2_NULS Community Constitution has been released. Due to the development requirement of NULS and to better facilitate the favorable operation of the NULS community and to make blockchain technology easier with NULS, the NULS community will constantly seek and implement NULS community autonomy for the realization of self-governance and self-evolution.
  • NIP3_Community Fund Management and Use of Process has been released(NGC20181221). To meet the needs of the ecological development of the NULS community, the NULS Community Fund will be managed and used on the principle of fairness, justice and openness. The NULS Community Fund account is open to the community and subject to the supervision of the community members. All proposals for community incentives are under management in alignment with the Community Charter. Only with the approval can the incentive be drawn from the Community Fund. The fund will be managed by the members of the foundation in the early stage. With the gradual progress of the governance mechanism, the fund will be handed over to the community in the later stage.
  • NULS has been listed on the Anybit wallet to distribute Christmas gifts to the community — 20 Anybit BankCard cards.
  • NULS held a Christmas giveaway on social media Instagram and Weibo, to wish every NULS community member an amazing Christmas.
  • Plan and launch the New Year’s Day activity — “Gather vigor, win gift”, 2019 is starting with vibrant new beginning. The activity is still in progress so come and join!

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