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Obtain WNULS using SwapBox

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What is WNULS

The launch of ENULS brought more opportunities to NULS ecosystem and expanded the fundamental use cases for original NULS assets. To meet more DApp requirements and community demands, WNULS was created.

WNULS is the wrapped version of NULS assets used on ENULS blockchain. Minted on SwapBox and characterized by a 1:1 peg ratio with the native NULS token. You can use WNULS to interact with ENULS-based dapps.

Given an example of Wormhole3, a web3 curation platform built on ENULS. You can use Wormhole3 to create a curation and reward those who interact with your curation with WNULS tokens, but you can’t reward them with NULS token native, because the smart contract of wormhole does not support NULS native tokens. That being said, the following content will guide you the exact step to obtain WNULS tokens!

How to get WNULS on SwapBox

To proceed, you will need NULS token on your ENULS blockchain, if don’t have any, click here to learn How to crosschain NULS token from NULS to ENULS.

  • Swap “NULS” to “WNULS”
  1. Select “NULS” assets, enter the amount.
  2. Select “ENULS” as your target asset.
  3. Click “Next”.
  4. Confirm your order.
  5. Sign the transaction with your wallet password.

Congratulations, you have now successfully completed the swap! It uses the same swapping route when you want to swap back. In the action, very little NULS as the gas fee is charged, in fact, the whole ENULS blockchain is very gas-friendly!

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