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Obtain USDTN and participate in the ENULS DeFi Applications

3 min readFeb 24, 2023

We announced our EVM- compatible layer2 network, ENULS, about 2 weeks ago, following the announcement of the first ENULS ecosystem Twitter Space. A few days after the mainnet activation, we had a cross-chain protocol — NerveNetwork successfully deployed, which allows users to crosschain any ENULS form tokens to other 21 supported blockchains.

Crosschain problem now has a solution in ENULS, now you can use NerveBridge to bridge most assets from ENULS to other blockchains. Unfortunately, due to ENULS’s multi-chain character, it’s almost impossible to make multichain stablecoins, such as USDT, compatible with ENULS, without supporting USDT, the biggest stablecoin in the market, the growth of ENULS DeFi ecosystem would be very much limited. We do realize this is a critical issue, and of course, this issue is now well taken care of.

Our solution is that ENULS ecosystem will use USDTN as its stablecoin. USDTN is a synthetic asset that you can obtain by depositing USDT on SwapBox. SwapBox is an ENULS ecosystem multichain liquidity aggregator, and also the key tool that you will like in your Multi-chain DeFi journey!

How to use SwapBox to transfer USDTN from other blockchains to ENULS?

To begin with, we need the following things prepared:

  1. USDT assets.
  2. SwapBox.
  3. An EVM-compatible web3 wallet.

We will demonstrate how to transfer USDT(BEP20) from BNB Chain to ENULS in the following content.

  • Select the blockchain where you store your USDT assets, and lock the receiving network as ENULS (the blue arrow).
  • Double-check the amount of USDT you want to transfer and the receiving network. Click confirm. This transaction requires gas fees to proceed, so make sure you have enough gas fees on your current blockchain. If you make a transfer from BNB Chain to ENULS, you will need BNB as gas fee. If you transfer from Polygon to ENULS, you will need MATIC as gas fee, and whatnot.
  • Click “Confirm” with your password.
  • The USDTN assets won’t automatically appear in your wallet. After the transfer is completed, search “USDTN” assets, and add it to your asset list manually.

USDTN(ENULS) contract address : 0x9e5d124cd49671f3f7b54d4aef43b3930bcf6de7

Now you have successfully transferred your USDT assets to ENULS!

Use SwapBox to Withdraw USDTN assets from ENULS network

  • Visit SwapBox:
  • Click the top-right menu, and choose the “Swap” feature.
  • Choose assets “USDTN” on ENULS, then choose assets “USDTN” on BSC as your target chain.
  • Click “Confirm”.

Your “USDTN“ assets will be transferred to BNB Chain when the transaction is completed.

  • SwapBox
  • Liquidity
  • Deposit/Withdraw
  • Withdraw
  • Select USDTN assets
  • Select BSC as your target chain
  • Confirm

The transaction will be done within 3–5 minutes. Now you have successfully completed the transaction. Your USDT assets have returned to your BSC address.

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